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  1. From what I've heard, shrinking rates between the porcelain and stoneware are usually very different,, leading to warping and cracking. Subject to correction from more experienced members. I've also seen potter's covering stones are with casting slip instead of slip from slaking porcelain clay. My thoughts are make the move to throwing porcelain, easier in the long run. If I've run out of porcelain then I throw with drones are and underglaze with white giving the colour change you want, I've been using a ketchup squeeze bottle running in front of a fan brush to give a stroke free appearance, (saw this tip on YouTube.. Practise and find the method that works best for you. In S.A. we don't have a supply of the really white porcelain. Ours fire to more of a cream colour, so I throw with porcelain and if I want a white look I use white underglaze.
  2. Hi everyone, Hope your new year has started well. I'm having serious back problems, I've seen potter's throwing standing because of this. My question is... can anyone who knows give me an indication of the correct hwell height. I've a high wheel and after today I'm thinking that it needs to be shorter, because I'm a shortie.. Thanks and have a gre9at weekend Andrea
  3. Hi everyone, Happy New Year to all. I've seen this image and am wondering if a structure similar would survive a raku firing . Any suggestions would be appreciated. Imagine the image as a thin bowl with the coils attaching. Don't know if you get my meaning. Hope so. Thanks for any input Andrea
  4. Disappointed (with emphasis).  When you open the kiln excited to see vibrant colours on decals (12 pieces) and what you actually get is grey on white.:(

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    2. Roberta12


      Maybe my decals are different.  I fire them to 017  which is around 1300 F.  Are you working with degrees Centigrade?

      Good job on making lemonade out of lemons!  :D

    3. AndreaB


      Yes I fire to cone 8 1260 Celcius.

    4. Roberta12


      Maybe your decals are different than mine, but the 3rd firing I do for decals is at a much lower temp.  Perhaps that is why yours lost all their color?  I found Milestone decals to have a wealth of information about application and firing.  I think they also have some youtube videos.  


  5. Hey, two questions in one day!! I've thrown a number of porcelain bowls which I want to add decals to. My quandary is whether to put them inside the bowl on the curve or on the outside. What would you do? Thanks Andrea
  6. I should have taken the pic at the same time as I posted the topic. Apologies. The wheel is a South African one so peps in other continents will not have seen it, Please excuse all the mess around it.
  7. Hi everyone, I know this topic has been discussed previously but couldn't find it. I'm a shortie and have a high wheel. At the moment I sit on a bar stool that is adjustable. I'm too short to stand and throw and if I use some sort of platform I can't touch the pedal. Conundrum, I've just had my 3rd spinal fusion and don't want to stop throwing but I'm finding it very painful to throw using this wheel. Here comes my question! Can anyone who has had this problem tell me if a short wheel would be better. Many thanks Andrea
  8. Hi peps, Does anyone know if your can burn of decals I have a bowl on which the decal bubbled and it was also lost because of the colour. The glaze firing was to 1260 C for your information. Thanks in advance
  9. Spray Glazed (underglaze)

    Images after glazing
  10. Spray Glazed (underglaze)

    images of the glazed pieces
  11. 23167946_10155274396466374_4916245541983178930_n.jpg

    No, I bisque first then airbrush, fire to bisque. Next comes the glaze (transparent). The decals are placed and fired to glaze temp. The luster is applied and fired tp 800 deg C. so in total 5 firings. The decal is a local South African plant called Stralitzia. Image attached. So happy with the response from everyone.
  12. 23167777_10155274396471374_650733566033278672_n.jpg

    Yes they are called Stralitzia
  13. Air Brushed Pieces

    My first attempt at using a spray gun for the underglaze and the final glaze. All fired to 1260 C. Stoneware and Porcelain
  14. I thought that the sand being silca would melt onto the ware, creating unwanted jagged bits on the bottom

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