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  1. Quick question. I have a bone dry piece that has a clean brake. Can I join using sodium silicate? TIA regards Andrea
  2. Hi, I want to make a slab of pop for wedging. How thick should the plaster be so that it doesn't crack? I want to make a wooden frame and fill with plaster. Thanks in advance. Have a good week Andrea
  3. AndreaB

    Making an Urn, Help

    Gaby, as long as you use a couple of sheets of newspaper the pipe will slide out easily and you don't leave the clay on the form until leather hard, just until it is firm enough to stand on its own. This way the clay hasn't shrunk right down against the pipe. Also by using the wrapping you don't have the clay pulling away and hanging if you know what I mean. Once I've wrapped the clay around the pipe and before wrapping the sheet around it, I smooth down the form, getting rid of any canvas marks. I really go to town with a soft rib and sponge. The advantage of the sheet is that it draws off a fair bit of the water I've used to smooth down the clay. Rolling the tube around on the canvas/sheet has the added advantage of compressing the clay. Hope this makes sense. None of the studios that I have been to has used thus method and in fact until I first did this I didn't have any success forming vessels.
  4. AndreaB

    Making an Urn, Help

    Hey peps, Thanks for taking the time to reply. Here's what I've now done. It's still at the hard leather hard stage and I'm forming the lid, which will dome upwards. Gaby - you don't need to start with such a big piece of clay. I've made several standing vases standing 17". What you do is : using a pvc pipe wrapped with newspaper for easier removal, roll the slab, wrap around the pipe, roll the whole thing onto a sheet which you wrap around firmly. Then roll the whole lot in a piece of foam I've used craft foam and an old yoga mat cut in half. secure this with a couple of thick elastic bands. You can now pick up the whole lot and carry it around, stand it up or lay it down. Because of the support from the sheet and rubber there is no stress on the clay and it keeps it's shape. Pres - I want to apply a white slip to the box, should I use porcelain casting slip or just porcelain slip? and at what stage should I apply it? Thanks all, have a good day. Andrea
  5. AndreaB

    Latest fails as of 05.31.18

    My instructor showed a method where you put a funnel of paper around the top of the mug so that the glaze pours out evenly and reduces the dripping There is a post on the daily section where there is a cheat using pvc piping angle joints and a sponge attached for the inside of the mug I've yet to try this but I'm sure that this would work fantastically. I have trouble getting an even line when I dip. Getting better takes time and lots of fails. Best of luck and stick at it. Andrea
  6. Hi everyone, It's been a while! My mother-in-law passed lst year, straight after I had a spinal fusion. My sister-in-law asked me to make an urn for her ashes. This was 3 months after the op. It's now been 8 months and I've just had Carpel Tunnel Release in my right hand and my left is due to be done in 2 months. My problem is that they are getting a tad inpatient with the delay. So here's what I've tried (unsucccessfuly)... Throwing (came out too small), Slabbing into a bisque form and joining two of them, slabbing around a pvc pipe (couldn't stretch it without cracking), coiling, this has been my latest attempt. Coiling has never been a strong part of my work but now doubely difficult due to the CTS (my hand has now taken a lot of strain), they keep turning into bowls. My thoughts today were to slip cast into a bisque mold and join two of them, remove the top and bottom adding a foot and opening where I can form a lid. Problem .. thickness, the altering part, the pouring and using a bisque mold. I'd love to create a really elegant piece to honor her memory. Suggestions please.. TIA Andrea
  7. What you need to look at is what type of underglaze (if you are going to go that route) and what glaze you'll be using. That pretty much dictates what you can use. You say that there's not much decorated work with colour, then you should work towards that. It gives you an opening where the market is. Also think hard about the length of time it will take for decoration. If you want to go the route of complicated patterns you'll lose out on the quantity. So quantity vs quality, that's the question. Little pieces are quicker sellers in a world economy where luxury items are concerned. Ceramics are mostly thought of as a luxury most will not pay for. So you're really on your own here as you only know what your economy is. Good luck and may your efforts be rewarded.
  8. AndreaB

    Underglaze versus glaze?

    Hi Min, I've done the underglaze blend fire to maturity but found that on one piece a scratch developed which wasn't there after firing. Apart from glazing with a matt how do I go about protecting the surface?
  9. Hi peps, I've had an idea for a box for my daughter. She's a complete bookworm and works for a publishing house. I want to handbuild the box. Sloping top carved to outline a couple of books. How do I go about attaching hinges to it? Or should I rather make it a lift off lid? Thanks and my you reside in your potting space for the weekend. Andrea
  10. AndreaB


    Hi, Hope someone can give me a recipe for cookies. I'm going to be firing test tiles with amaco glazes and I don't know how much they will run, and of course I don't want to ruin a shelf . I have used kiln wash on the shelves already. Thanks everyone
  11. AndreaB


    Hi, Hope someone can give me a recipe for cookies. I'm going to be firing test tiles with amaco glazes and I don't know how much they will run, and of course I don't want to ruin a shelf . I have used kiln wash on the shelves already. Thanks everyone
  12. From what I've heard, shrinking rates between the porcelain and stoneware are usually very different,, leading to warping and cracking. Subject to correction from more experienced members. I've also seen potter's covering stones are with casting slip instead of slip from slaking porcelain clay. My thoughts are make the move to throwing porcelain, easier in the long run. If I've run out of porcelain then I throw with drones are and underglaze with white giving the colour change you want, I've been using a ketchup squeeze bottle running in front of a fan brush to give a stroke free appearance, (saw this tip on YouTube.. Practise and find the method that works best for you. In S.A. we don't have a supply of the really white porcelain. Ours fire to more of a cream colour, so I throw with porcelain and if I want a white look I use white underglaze.
  13. Hi everyone, Hope your new year has started well. I'm having serious back problems, I've seen potter's throwing standing because of this. My question is... can anyone who knows give me an indication of the correct hwell height. I've a high wheel and after today I'm thinking that it needs to be shorter, because I'm a shortie.. Thanks and have a gre9at weekend Andrea
  14. Hi everyone, Happy New Year to all. I've seen this image and am wondering if a structure similar would survive a raku firing . Any suggestions would be appreciated. Imagine the image as a thin bowl with the coils attaching. Don't know if you get my meaning. Hope so. Thanks for any input Andrea
  15. Disappointed (with emphasis).  When you open the kiln excited to see vibrant colours on decals (12 pieces) and what you actually get is grey on white.:(

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    2. Roberta12


      Maybe my decals are different.  I fire them to 017  which is around 1300 F.  Are you working with degrees Centigrade?

      Good job on making lemonade out of lemons!  :D

    3. AndreaB


      Yes I fire to cone 8 1260 Celcius.

    4. Roberta12


      Maybe your decals are different than mine, but the 3rd firing I do for decals is at a much lower temp.  Perhaps that is why yours lost all their color?  I found Milestone decals to have a wealth of information about application and firing.  I think they also have some youtube videos.  



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