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About Me

I'm a enthusiastic, obsessive home potter with high aspirations. I'm not committed to any one style so my forms are a development on the wheel.


I'm constantly trying new things, looking for more information and trying to emulate those visuals I see. 


My ceramic interests are wide, I love vases, functional ware and sculpture. Playing with glaze combinations, what this one does when overlay by that one. I don't like underglaze decoration.  I hate making coils and hand building. I don't have the patience. I like to make now and not over a course of days or weeks. Did I say I don't have the patience!!


I've come to pottery after a relatively late in life (50) something. After seeing a slip of paper at my local community/park. A name and "pottery classes". Two or three lessons in I was buying clay and starting to hand build.  End of September, by end of October my husband bought me a wheel. February the next year I got my own kiln. That's a year ago! 

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