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  1. Hi everyone, This is my first post of 2019, so I wish for all of you a wonderful year, filled with creativity. My question is (and forgive me for posting it if it has already been posted), I have seen pots that have not been glazed, no burnishing or terra sig and I'd like to know if firing a pot with underglaze only to glaze temperature. My glaze firing is to 1200C. Attached is an example made by a local South African ceramicist Dale Lambert. I believe that her work is fired multiple times. Thanks as always for your comments Andrea
  2. Hi every one, Happy Christmas to all and family. I've just purchased a SpeedBall Bos Elite wheel. The literature that came with it is vague about the voltage this equipment uses. Does it use 110 (American) or 220v (the rest of the world) hahahehe. Can anyone who has the Speedball wheel clarify, or tell me what v you use. Thanks Have a great day
  3. I bisque fire to 1000 deg C and glaze fire to 1222
  4. Is there any advantage to leaving a vessel unglazed? I did try this and found that the surface scratched very easily. How could I avoid this happening? I did glaze the inside, my thinking being that if the vessel were to be used for food purposes then it would be food safe. I do like the look of a matt unglazed surface. A pic of a local potter's bowl is attached. Thanks
  5. Morning everyone, Just realized that I seem to always post on a Sunday morning lol. My question is: how can I apply luster with a smooth continuous line. Mine always has a blob at the start, peters out and then another blob when I reload the brush. Many thanks Have a great Sunday.
  6. Good morning to you all, I'm having a great deal of difficulty with getting my glazing right. A year ago everything was fine, I had a back op last October and have had problems ever since then. Took a break from throwing but came back in Feb, since then I've had one hand done for CTS and the other is on it's way to being done. Since the op my sciatic nerve has been damaged so I have problems with throwing, and indeed pain is probably one factor that is affecting my glazing. I was making forms that were hand built tall vases, glazing became a problem due to the length of time it takes to fill the vessel, put down the jug and then empty the vessel (splashing glaze every where). This done my insides are always too thick leading to major crawling. Was glazing the outside by dipping half and half (top and bottom), leading to thickness around the overlap, Did rub down, but still came up with spots of milky glaze. Now the next step. I used Amaco PC brush on glaze for two new projects, the one has milky streaks and crawling. It was fired stoneware, bisqued to 1000deg C, Glazed to 1200. The glazes used indicate cone 5-6. They were set on the floor of a small kiln (no elements under it). It is possible that at that position the heatwork was not enough (cone did not bend). What should I do now? Refire and raise the vessel to higher point, and what about the crawling, should I try to glaze those spots or should I make a decorative feature by using luster? Give up and rethrow? Thanks for listening On the other hand, what would underglazed but not glazed work do for me?
  7. AndreaB

    Slab vase

    Yes, but not much otherwise it drips and runs
  8. AndreaB

    Slab vase

    Slab stoneware vase with attachments and carvings. Sprayed underglaze
  9. So excited My first regional entry and one of my submissions has been chosen.


  10. Yes Babs, I'm a real idiot. I don't know how my train of thought got so wrong. I've seen vids where reglazing is done, but I don't think they were originally fired to cone 8. I was going to use the Amaco glazes and fire to cone 5. Since there is major crawling inside and one of the lids has cracked I think it is not even worth trying. I may just use one of them as a test at some stage just for curiosity.
  11. I use a chamios leather to stick bats to the wheel. My wheel does not have bat pins and throwing a pad is too much effort. The chamios works exceptionally well allowing easy removal and you never have to do the clay pad again
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