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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I am firing for someone who has applied decals over the top of a glazed piece, and I was wondering whether it would be ok to stack the pieces in the kiln in order to minimise the amount of firings? Would the transfers rub off onto other pieces or would it be ok?
  2. Hi, i’m looking for some advise / guidance on using water transfer decals. I’ve done alot of tests with mixed results with blistering. I have been making tiles using terracotta clay + white slip fired to 04, with a clear glaze fired to 06. The decals i have used a rubber squeegey, and paper towel or cloth to eliminate air pockets (they all look very smooth) and excess water. The latest firing was as follows: seg 1: 50f per hour. 200f. Hold 2 hrs vented (lid ajar, peep holes open) seg 2: 200f per hour. 800f. Hold 15 mn vented seg 3: 250f per hour. 1200f seg 4: 275f per hour. 1526f hold 20 mn here are some of the results from different highs in the kiln any help would be very gratefully received. cheers, Ben
  3. I’m having issues with my HP Laserjet printing consistently clear images. It definitely seems to happen when there is larger areas of images. Almost like the rollers don’t have traction to spin and drag the toner across the transfer paper. Any ideas are much appreciated. thx Matt Rychorcewicz
  4. Hi all, We’re seeking a company (or individual) on Long Island or NY Metro area that can fire some branded decals onto already made ceramic baking dishes. From what I understand, this type of precise firing will require a computerized electric kiln. Is there such a company that rents space in a kiln like that? Or a person that could do it? All suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!
  5. From the album: Air Brushed Pieces

    One of my latest firing. Porcelain thrown bowl, altered. Decal added after glazing and then gold luster
  6. From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

    I love Godzilla, so made a plate. Mayco stamp for city, water slide decals for Godzilla and planes.
  7. From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

    Water slide decals from HP laser printer
  8. From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

    Love old images so did an Alchemy mug. Skull and various alchemal symbols, old science images on other side. Waterslide decals on HP printer.
  9. From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

    Playing with decals to see what they can do. Fun finding weird images on the internet.
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