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  1. Thanks Peter, I can now see how this works. The image that prompted this question had no indication of the effect that the addition would make. All the best
  2. Morning people, This question has probably been posted but I was unable to find anything. I have seen a couple of posts on Facebook where the information regarding the image states that Flux was added to the rim and the results were not what was expected. I can't grasp what was meant, can someone explain it for me. Many thanks. Andrea
  3. Hi everyone, Quick question: we use calcite alumina, or alumina calcined (in South Africa) under ware when glaze firing to provide a surface allowing movement to avoid cracking, what name does the rest of the world use? TIA Andrea
  4. Hi Andrea

    I'm test firing a kiln and I need your opinion.   Cone 6 in the ASD, cones 5,6 and 7 witness cones. One set on bottom shelf by peephole and one set top shelf by peephole.  Kiln set for high fire.  The safety timer knob set for 20 hours.  The kiln is empty because I'm test firing and I'm very new at this!!!

    So the kiln finished firing and cooled.  I open to collect the witness cones.  Top shelf cones are what they should look like for cones 5,6 and 7....I'm happy with that.  I remove the next 2 shelves for the next set and the witness cones are white and standing straight up???? Why would this happen??


    1. Denice


      Is this a new or used kiln and what was your firing schedule?    Denice

    2. AndreaB


      Hi Nancy,

      Sorry it's taken a while to see your post. I'm afraid I'm really the wrong person to be answering this question. You should put it to the forum. My kiln has a temperature difference between the lowest and the highest shelves and this factor is always the case.  This also happens with the way you load your kiln. Top heavy or bottom, biggest pieces in the middle or at the bottom, etc. Have you fired anything since? It may also help you to take a photo of the load prior to firing so you can see how your loading is affected with regard to the cones. Curious as to why you set your safety timer to 20hrs,  Hope you have fun with your new kiln. Andrea

  5. AndreaB

    Slab vase

    Yes, but not much otherwise it drips and runs
  6. AndreaB

    Slab vase

    Slab stoneware vase with attachments and carvings. Sprayed underglaze
  7. Slab moulded porcelain bowl with red and white sprayed undgerglaze, platinum luster.
  8. So excited My first regional entry and one of my submissions has been chosen.


  9. Disappointed (with emphasis).  When you open the kiln excited to see vibrant colours on decals (12 pieces) and what you actually get is grey on white.:(

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    2. Roberta12


      Maybe my decals are different.  I fire them to 017  which is around 1300 F.  Are you working with degrees Centigrade?

      Good job on making lemonade out of lemons!  :D

    3. AndreaB


      Yes I fire to cone 8 1260 Celcius.

    4. Roberta12


      Maybe your decals are different than mine, but the 3rd firing I do for decals is at a much lower temp.  Perhaps that is why yours lost all their color?  I found Milestone decals to have a wealth of information about application and firing.  I think they also have some youtube videos.  


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