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    In addition to clay, I'm interested in painting, photography, and writing. Recently retired from 30 years in behavioral health services, just getting back to enjoying and making art. I have a BFA in ceramics from VCU's School of the Arts (Virginia Commonwealth University). I recently completed setting up a small in-home studio.

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  1. Well, learn something new every day! I almost never wedge (when I do, it's spiral). Mostly I do cut & slam, and then I often beat the clay into submission with a mallet or pound it with a heavy duty commercial rolling pin, whacking it every which way from Sunday (then roll it). Ah ha....forge wedged! I don't bake bread. I make "Casserolls" from Recipes for a Small Planet. They're made of milk, honey, butter, yeast, & whole wheat flour. The process involves warming, cooling, stiring, bubbling, beating, going down, rising up & dropping by heaping spoonfulls into a pan--no kneading. Truly yummy.
  2. I've been in that situation..better to fire a partial load than do the low fire with the mid fire glazes. For the future-get someone to give you a few kiln bricks or extra posts or broken shelf to use as "filler".
  3. I do pro-bono development consultation for small non-profits as a way of "giving back", and keeping myself engaged with work I like to do, like proposal writing for grant-seeking, and helping small entities with their bylaws, board development, protocols etc. This is what I am hoping to be able to do for the NH Potters Guild, under the new leadership. The other thing I do, since I don't give cash donations (except $5 a month to Amnesty International) is donate most of my ceramic "smalls" (catch-alls, trays, tea light holders) to fund raising events that benefit certain organizations that are not getting much in state/federal dollars to do their work, like local/community-based resources that help people in difficult situtaitons. Feels good. I like Hulk's idea of contributing "thank you" gifts also.
  4. May I suggest..... sometimes a very effective strategy when one has been wronged and the offender is not taking any responsibility, or is not remotely remorseful, is to have an attorney send a certified letter outlining the infringments (I don't know the legaleze, but generally in the ballpark of stealing, false representation, copyright infringment (art works are essentially auto-copyrighted upon creation), fraud etc. A lawyer would know what language to use. An attorney's letter should not cost more than $100 dollars, and as far as my experience has been, is well worth it. If nothing else, it gives notice and should make the person sweat a bit. I'd absolutely document the incident--similar to just the facts in your 3rd paragraph--and send that to the craft show organizers and the two councils---especially to the councils!! That's pretty low!!!
  5. Well dang!! That'll teach me to check my Dashboard Settings more often than "never"!! THANKS--it took all of 5 seconds and my site is now https and it was indeed at no charge. I also just updated my URL on my profile, that is displayed at the bottom of our posts, here, so that should come up correctly the next time I have anything to say.
  6. I simply must say (as someone who orders 100 lbs. of clay just several times a year) I enjoy reading about folks in business and all that entails. I am glad that this site is so welcoming of people at all levels and skills/experience. Although I don't produce much, it is good to feel included, and to be able to learn so much (chemistry/kilns/techniques etc.) however little I may put to use.
  7. Not happening. He's done with the forums and ain't looking back. From the horses mouth.
  8. Well good golly miz molly....I do believe, Stephen, it was your long-ago explanation of https vs http and SSL cert need vs not need that I have probably mangled with my poor understanding of the whole thing. I am fairly sure tho that an SSL cert with WIX pro and a Pay Pal cart is not necessary--they do the protection, as far as anything can really be protected in cyberworld. The big issue, though, as noted, is customer perception--and if visitors think their info is not safe on a site, even if it is, they will just leave. I just don't like feeling manipulated into buying something because the seller has everyone scared and that will negatively affect my sales. I guess paying up is probably unavoidable now that "not secure" and "do you want to contune" are out there like a highway billboards in neon. (Assuming that the good website generators are not going to let someone put in a $9 cert instead of their $80 one. )
  9. I am in love with a mid-fire porcelain that is mined in Australia, called Cool Ice. I get it in the US from Seattle Pottery, which makes it expensive for me, here in the NE! But worth it, to me. That said--I handbuild and am not looking for translucency, so I can't speak to those attributes. It fires a pure white and takes glazes most beautifully--incredible color expression. There is a porcelain expert you might look up, sometimes on here--https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/ceramics-monthly/ceramic-art-and-artists/functional-pottery/antoinette-badenhorst/#
  10. I am not good at all at retaining and repeating the details/facts of things, but I have been told by several expert "computer people" that the primary purpose for that little "not secure" pop-up is to get you to fork over more money for (maybe, sorta, kinda) more tight security that is generally not actually needed for small websites-bit of a scare tactic for those who do not know that they actually have a good bit of sufficient security already built in, and it is actually just fine not to buy the higher "credentialed" status. I never did for my site and have never once had the slightest problem, other than from friends who would e-mail me and say "OMG do you know your site is not secure?" Makes you feel like you "have to" buy the upgrade that is pitched, or people won't visit. Anybody have experience with this (the pop-up that says your URL/site is "not secure")?
  11. First, John Baymore sez to say hello for him, and sorry he missed Pres at NCECA. John, a former member of these forums, is among the ceramics faculty of the the New Hampshire Institute of Art. His students at the Sharon Art Center in rural NH built the kiln in 2014. Students are currently doing the 2019 spring fire. Through the NH Institute of Art's Community Education Program, I am able to participate; this is my 3rd firing in this kiln. I have uploaded some photos into the LeeU angama album in the Gallery, and will continue to add to it. Some members of the NH Potters' Guild also participate in the workshops/courses/wood firing at the Sharon Art Center.
  12. LeeU

    LeeU anagama fire

    John Baymore and students built the Fushigigama kiln at the NHIA Sharon Art Center, New Hampshire.
  13. Ready for the road. Glazed, packed, and loaded in the car & an old pic of the kiln. Yee haw!! Workbench is now empty.
  14. Thought it was a strawberry planter....or are you making a funny?
  15. Moving along with glaze prep for wood fire. Need a smaller hand mixer though!
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