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  1. That's a bit like asking at what point in a life do you stop breathing? I'm doing less pottery and more glass, spinning, weaving, sewing, especially during the winter, but in all my hobbies there is always a "ooh, wonder what will happen if I........"
  2. As @Minsays, test, test, test. Tiles with a curve rather that just flat, as the glaze will/may move differently.
  3. @JDP When you look on eBay, if you select "completed listings", quite often they've not sold for as much as you think they might. I sold a front loader last year that was donated to the scout campsite for the scrap metal value. Got £40 for it. The wiring was really old, no controller or sitter. I usually find if it starts at 99p there will be a reserve set, if it starts at £50 or so, that's the minimum the seller is prepared to accept. Good luck in your search. I fired, as many on this forum, a manual kiln for a while, paid £25 for mine, then later added new elements and a programmer. Still cheaper than new.
  4. What's on my workbench? Replacements for the one I dropped, just as we were working out where to stick it - grrrrr. And as it was one of a mirrored pair, I've had to make another pair.
  5. @oldladyhow I wish that was a bird from the UK, sadly, as said above it is about as far from me as you could get I'd love to have him visit my bird feeders.
  6. Also, moulds have a life-span of around 30 casts before they deteriorate and need re-making. So, depending how much use they have already had.............
  7. @Nicky S the title has not changed, can you try again please.
  8. https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-primitive-potteries-in-dorset-1912-online?fbclid=IwAR2cQbfjZUYZq4Scmk9Ewykm7mwd0rJFr8xcopr4L7d6C1baacbPi8A2qNo
  9. Is there a lid switch/door security device? That needs to be in place before it will fire?
  10. Sorry @oldlady but it's highly unlikely to have that if it's a domestic scale. Mine has two buttons, one to switch between metric and imperial measurements, the other is the on/ zero button. Doesn't even have an off button. Just keep adding ingredients till you get what you want, or zero between each addition.
  11. Yes, single fired, unglazed. Not all those photos in my gallery became "fired". Lots were to show the lovely people here, and get their opinions. Only the final photo layouts got fired.
  12. as @Bill Kielb said on another post: "If a windows operating system right click on the picture, say send to and choose reduce picture size and send it to yourself. You should be able to post after all that."
  13. Transparent or semi-trans glaze, heavy application on legs/feet?
  14. Are you sure it is capable of that many segments? Also, seems a lot of segments, even for glass. I use the schedules from Bullseye for coe90 and haven't seen any with that many segments.
  15. Mine has 6mm mdf boards, and two different thickness "cutting mats". We made the whole thing so it would take A2 mats. They weren't bought to be different thickness, just came from different suppliers, but has turned out quite useful.
  16. Here's a question for you: Do you think you have helped, or been helped more by people in the flesh, or by forums, or by You-Tube? Pottery-wise, not your whole world.
  17. My home-made slab roller was designed to fit under the bench in my greenhouse/studio. Now, tho' it sits permanently on the bench, and is used as bench space when I don't need to roll. The benefit of not having to drag it out, find something to put it on, then struggle to put it away, has more than made up for the space it takes up, and as for the time and effort to make it - not having to use the rolling pin has made my shoulder much happier. So for me, finding the space was a no-brainer.
  18. Hi @EvaV I don't know the answer, but perhaps you could apply a clear glaze to the back of the jewelry, to the side in contact with the skin. I made some pendants, many years ago, that were not glazed on the back, and they were uncomfortable, so I coated the back with clear nail polish. And, your English is very good, I understood your question.
  19. Hi @Hilary Jean Everything said above is good advice. Talk to your clay supplier. I slipcast (hobby only) and make my slip from clay, adding Sodium Dispex to make it wetter, as @hitchmsssays above. Works well for me. Used to use Valentines Special Fleck Stoneware, have now switched to Valentines Royale porcelain. Good Luck
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