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  1. As promised, it's 30 minutes past midnight on 24 September 2017, exactly three months until Christmas Eve, so here is your next community challenge: Wherever you live/work/play, if you're in Europe, the US or an "ex-British-colony/commonwealth country you can't escape christmas. So this challenge is to create a piece of work that symbolises the christmas season for you. Whether it's religious, non-religious, fantasy, ironic. Whatever. As a devout atheist, for me, christmas is the time when too many people get into debt buying gifts for people who don't want or need them, so I'm going to make a money box, filled with IOUs. What will you make? You have until santa starts his deliveries to put your pictures somewhere. (I'll check Joel's original rules and repeat them here later/soon.)
  2. I too can upload multiples.....
  3. Yes. I've used paper and sprayed over it. I've scribbled with crayons and glazed over. I've used shellac and sponged away the surrounding clay. I resist going to the studio (unheated greenhouse) when it's cold. I resist throwing away glaze, even though it's too old, and flakes off the pot as soon as it is dry.
  4. Updating kilns

    At the school where I first did pottery, we had one programmable controller and two kilns. There was some kind of "switch" to change kilns. The evening class teacher set the kilns going each week, incorporating any work the school had done. One week we turned up and the school teacher had set the kiln going, but hadn't changed the programme. All the kids work got fired to cone 6 as that was the last firing we had done. OOOPS.
  5. Raku Proposal For School

    Test it with a cookie/bowl under
  6. If you drove a petrol-engined car, you wouldn't expect it to work with diesel. If Amaco say "it won't work", believe them. Move on, find a different mix that will work.
  7. To me, a talent is something that comes naturally, a skill is something that is acquired through practice. I have a friend who can put a pencil to a piece of paper and wonderful things just seem to fall out of the pencil. When I do the same I get a scrappy doodle. On the other hand, when she is trying to measure something and divide it into equal parts, she just looks blank, while I can do the maths really easily without thinking about it. I don't think I'm good at maths because I've practised, it's just something I can do. A talent?
  8. Help my slabs are cracking up

    Thanks @Marcia Selsor, that's about what I was visualising.
  9. Extruder dies

    They are called U bolts. When we bought them, they came with two nuts each, had to buy extra nuts as you need four per bolt. Good luck, I love my hollow extruder dies.
  10. Extruder dies

    From the album All Stuff

  11. Kiln Install on Deck

    My controller states a "storage" max/min temp and an "operating" max/min temp. Check to see if yours has the same info.
  12. Help my slabs are cracking up

    @Marcia Selsor When putting pots/plates/slabs on the coils, do you lay the coils in a pattern? Or random? Am I over-thinking this?
  13. I've had the same happen. Clear glaze repelled, when applying underglaze onto bisqued test samples . I think some underglazes don't like to be applied to bisque, and some on't like to be too thick.
  14. Kiln Install on Deck

    Because tents are even more flammable, and not suitable for year-round living !
  15. PQotW: Week 26

    Whoa, I must be losing my brain: ? ? ? ?
  16. new forum, what i dislike

    Just discovered that each comment in a thread no longer has a number. In the past it was easy t refer to a comment 2 pages back by it's number. Any chance of this feature returning?
  17. new forum, what i dislike

    Old Lady, please don't go. We need you. WE need you. We NEED you We need YOU.
  18. New Forum

    Yeah, what's the point in "liking" something, if no-one knows it was liked. I've used the "like" in the past to give a thumbs-up to a reply, kind-of-like saying, yes, I agree, but without taking up so much space.
  19. Submit Your Community Challenge Ideas

    I did say, a while back, that I would set the next challenge, which I have failed so far to do. But, watch this space, the non-christmas christmas challenge will be posted on 24 September, giving three months build time.
  20. Least favourite: brush-on-glazing Most favourite: packing the car ready to go to Potter's camp. (And glazing at camp, as there are buckets of the stuff.)