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  1. Owls

    From the album All Stuff

    Cast Iron on left, sealed. Slip-cast on right, white glaze ^06. Mould made from the cast-iron original.
  2. If you're going to leave the pots outside, and you get frost, you need those pots fully vitrified. Guess how I know?
  3. I used kurust to treat a number of items that live in my damp (greenhouse) studio. We had the same problem with the pugmill at the centre I go to. removed it, didn't notice any rust anywhere else. Good luck.
  4. Hi Textree I would definitely make a first try with a hump mould. You need to make a "master" anyway, before you can make a slip mould, so you might as well. Clay will release from untreated wood but I usually line with thin plastic as it makes it easier. Place your hump mould on a block so the rim is not touching the table, then you can get to the rim of your pot and cut it off level. I have made many large bonsai pots, I've used all methods except throwing. Slip-casting, slump, hump, coiled free-form, coiled inside a biscuit tin, slab-sided, bricked. Unless I was going into production I would not be wanting to make a slip-casting mould. Too much time and effort, too heavy when empty, far too heavy when full. The cast-iron Owl below is 12 inches tall, and the mould is too heavy for me to lift when full. I can just about slide it around on the table, when ready to tip. If you do go for a mould, a plug for emptying is a must.
  5. If one of your students....

    And the rest of the world/
  6. Plaster Moulds Release Agents

    #OldLady I've made hump moulds from plastic mixing bowls. The plaster has always just slid out, but if you want to be sure, no harm in using soapy release or cling film. Good Luck.
  7. If one of your students....

    +1 to all above comments. From a "future participant" point, I always try to set expectations with pots and glazing, telling new class members that if they want "Wedgwood perfection" they are better to go and buy what they want. If they want to play, create and experiment, they are in the right place. Set expectations without stifling aspirations.
  8. "art" of making mud balls

    Why? What would you do with that? How long would it last?
  9. Had the same problem with drooping at ^6: Next one I made sure it was born with a curved tail, not a rolled slab bent upwards. Which reminds me, I've got another one in WIP that needs to be cut apart and re-joined to avoid the warpage.
  10. Fish - Tail OK at ^04

    From the album All Stuff

  11. Fish - Tail Drooped at ^6

    From the album All Stuff

  12. I used a dental pick and scratched numbers into the ones I forgot to do. I used Roman Numerals as they are all straight lines, much easier than 2,3,5,6,8,9,0 etc
  13. Sculptural Vases

    What are you hoping for when you say "waterproof"? If they have holes, then they won't hold water for real flowers, so do you mean "frost-proof"? It's very likely that anything fired to cone 05/06 will NOT be frost-proof, and also unlikely that it will be waterproof, unless fully glazed, inside and out. And, the clay and glaze need to be matched and fully matured. Search the forums and you will find lots of previous threads and discussions on this subject.
  14. Wheel servicing - Stockpor

    I'd start by contacting some of the suppliers in Stoke-on Trent. Potterycrafts, Potclays, etc. They all sell wheels, so should be able to help you.
  15. A bit of a hi-jack from another thread, but thought you'd all be interested in seeing these huge pots thrown from extrusions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC2v_CSb9mo
  16. Think I've sampled all I want, just wish I was 20 years younger. I really want to build a wood-fired kiln and invite others to help fire it, but ...........
  17. red underglaze

    What they said above.
  18. Backpack recommendations?

    I can only suggest looking in "outdoors" type shops, and luggage shops. Would you be better with a "suitcase" on wheels, with a hard shell. There's usually a luggage store on buses.
  19. Moved to the dark side.  Booked a a traditional (glass) leading class, and 10 weeks of studio-time".

    Till working with clay tho'  

    1. LeeU


      Nah---no dark side to it....just a way to have fun, learn, create, and probably cross fertilize!  

  20. How did your further testing go?

    My father passed two weeks ago, and I want to use his ashes in trinket trays for the family.  Will also use them in some fused glass work.

    1. Denice


      I am so sorry for your loss,  make sure you take the time to recover.  I hope you get the information you need to complete your trays for your family.   Denice

    2. glazenerd


      Sorry to hear about your loss.

    3. oldlady


      so sorry to hear the bad news.  hope you are able to make something to remind you of him.  thinking of you.

  21. Vitrification

    None of my ^6 mugs have leaked. Until someone drops them and they crack.
  22. Depends on the subject: a successful slab-built pot is one with no cracks (or none that stop the pot from functioning). A successful life is contentment. Being your own self and yet not harming others.

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