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Found 7 results

  1. I have frozen greenware, which is pretty but I am worried about it cracking when fired. Should I smooth it back out once it has defrosted and then bisque fire it? Or is it doomed and heading for the reclaim bucket?
  2. Repairing hairline break from shipping on finished piece. Thinking loctite but I’ve never used it before.
  3. HI, I have a really long hairline crack in a sculpture that just came out of bisque fire :/ The crack is from the base to the neck, goes all the way through but very thin. Been doing research regarding Bisque fix, Mend it and paper clay. Looking for advise on which is better for hairline as cannot assure product completely fills the middle. Really want to glaze this to cone 6 without it separating even if I have to rebisque.,
  4. Hi, We have an old Alpine gas kiln, and would love to find a good local repair person. We are in Bucks County (Bucks County Community College) 45 min from Phila, near NJ. Our kiln is REALLY old--serial # 121, from the 1970's?
  5. Hi Was hoping for some guidance. I bought a used wheel shampoo 21. The 2 piece splash pan leaked , I replaced it, while not leaking as much there is still water coming out. Never had a splash pan leak before. Any ideas/suggestions? The wheel works great. thanks for your help. i
  6. I’ve never used a kiln before and i would like some advice on repairing a Skutt kiln I got. It hasn’t been used in years and I haven’t had the chance yet to turn it on. Parts of the elements are broken off and I’ll have to replace them most likely. The brick sides near the bottom seem in bad shape. I would love advice on what to do first and how to go about fixing the kiln to good condition. Would I need to replace the bricks near the bottom or could I fill it in with with something? And how should I go about taking the rust off the outside of the kiln? I appreciate any replies I get!
  7. Hi all, I have recently purchased a Podmore wheel to find that the whole electrics system needs repairing! not ideal Everything else in the wheel seems in good condition and would be a shame to write the wheel off! My uncle fixes motorbikes and deals with electrics so had a look at it and got it working but then it stopped again. we figure that someone previously has done some soldering work on it and basically it needs a replacement electric system. I rang Potterycrafts who took over Podmore in 1982 and asked if it could be refurbished or if they sell the parts and they said I would need to find an electrician who wanted to fix it for me and the modern wheels are so different electrically wise that we cant even combine the two. The wheel is currently in swindon, Wiltshire. Any ideas of how to get it fixed or who to ask? i really dont want to scrap it
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