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  1. PQotW: Week 30

    I am going to jump off the deep end with this one 3,3,3,3 . Maybe I should have had some coffee before I jumped. Denice
  2. Christmas Ornaments

    I have made ornaments for personal use on small trees. I use a white clay and made ornaments that look like old fashion candies and peppermints you see around Christmas. I made a stamp the would put the design in relief and then fill the low areas with brightly colored under glazes. I left the rest unglazed so they would be easy to fire, they had a stained glass appearance to them. I also made a decorative cross ornaments with this method. Denice
  3. The Crafted Dish

    Your dishes makes the food look more inviting. Denice
  4. Working on a replacement top for the bubbler fountain I made a few years ago.   My husband dropped it working on the pump system that had quit working.    Denice

  5. When people tell me I am so artistic, talented, or it comes so easy to me I will say that isn't true. That I have been involved in clay my whole life even got a degree in it and that I am always working, studying and researching. Then I show them my book shelf cabinet overflowing with books. I had a friend ask me to teach her to make tiles just like the ones I make. I told her it took me twenty years to get to this point when do you want to start. Denice
  6. Help my slabs are cracking up

    I would let that piece dry about two weeks before attempting to fire it, high humidity in your area can effect drying time. You mentioned that you put your decorative pieces on at leather hard stage, I would consider that the too late stage to add any thing. You want your clay in your slab and your decorative pieces moisture content to be a close as possible. If you are unable to do this consider making them separate and gluing them on. You could make your decorative pieces first and keep them in a sealed plastic container and then roll out the slab and attach them. Do you have a book on tile making or slab construction, they can be very helpful and informative. Denice
  7. I am with LeeU on wedging and reclaiming, my wrist are shot I would probably do a lot more throwing if I had that kind of help. Denice
  8. PQotW: Week 26

    4,3,4,3 I was leaning toward Zinc, it seems like every C6 mat glaze I use has expensive Zinc oxide in it. Denice
  9. Couldn't do either one, can't be in the heat for long because of my MS and it would drive me crazy to be unable to get work done because of the rain. My idea of a vacation is staying in a historic hotel in the old town district. Restaurants, bars and shopping within walking distance, do touristy things during the day and party at night. Denice
  10. Trying a lower bisque temperature than your glaze might help, it also looks too thick to me. The thinner I can put clear glaze on the better. I don't use a drill mixer unless the the bucket is old and settled. I use a 5 gal wood paint paddle that you can get at a paint store. Denice
  11. I have moved my big Skutt several times and have never damaged them. It was even moved from the basement up a long narrow stairs and then down again to the truck by movers. I worried about them handling it but claimed they had moved kilns before, they moved three kilns for me had slight breakage on my oldest one. Denice
  12. Never have liked glazing and I dread when I have to make a plaster slab for drying wet clay, I love the rest of it. You have to dislike something or you will never realize how much you love it. Denice
  13. Indie and go fund me efforts

    The go fund me has gotten carried away, it was for charities at the beginning. I had a nephew ask for money to pay their utilities, my sister set up one to get dentures. I didn't donate I knew it wouldn't happen she had gone too long with out teeth for dentures to work. She had a thousand dollars donated to it so she just used it for living expenses. Denice