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I am an art teacher with a large background in ceramics. However I need a solution to this problem.  My dear sweet mother purchased an Evenheat RM2 1210 Kiln 120v for me as a gift. As you may know, this kiln is a china painting kiln and should not be fired over 1800 degrees. I know nothing about this firing range or china painting. Unfortunately, when my mom bought me this kiln she did little to no research and just swiped her card. I cannot go back in time. This was a crazy expensive purchase and I do not want to be ungrateful so I want to try to make use of this. I called Evenheat and you cannot return the machine after 30 days (which it has been). I can fire between cones 022-06. I am looking for any and all advice.

-Can I buy an easy solution in order to fire low fire pottery (04-06)? Or even change it to high fire if possible (4-6)? A high fire kiln is what I always wanted :(


-Can anyone recommend clay/glazes meant specifically for cones (022-06)

I have always fired bisque at 04 and then my glazes at 05... What clay would be okay firing at 06-022? Could I just use my normal low fire glaze at 06? 

Thank you in advance :) 



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I don’t have any easy solution but the RM1210b is rated for your work. I would call and ask them if some exchange is possible with a restock charge or……….the easiest way to convert. It may be possible to use the elements for the B in the 120v model, maybe some minor wiring changes and of course it will need to run on 240v. Unfortunately converting it likely negates the warrantee. Looking at the wiring Diagrams the only obvious change is the elements and their configuration.

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Perhaps mom would understand, once the "technical" issues are explained to her, if you simply/honestly said you need to sell it in order to get the right equipment. Since it is new, it shouldn't loose  monetary value, and you can still affirm your delight in the receiving of the gift,  which will just morph into a different object.

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I have received many gifts that were for Cone 10 or C04 that I have sold or exchanged.   I have always explained the problem to the giver and they have all been very understanding about it.  If you have a low fire painting class or groups in your area you could post a for sale notice.    The kiln I sold recently was only posted for 3 days and it was a old well used kiln.    Denice

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since a kiln is really only a brick box that contains heat,  ask evenheat how you could convert it to fire to cone 8, higher than cone 6 to allow for long term use at cone 6.  you will use it for years.

 one of our members,  Neil  Estrick,  sells and repairs kilns and can explain how it can be done if evenheats MANAGER  (not just whoever answers the phone) cannot take it back.   do not talk to anyone without the authority to make a reasonable adjustment to a general rule.   that is why Managers make the big bucks.

send Neil a private message since he has not seen this yet.

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