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I am an experienced potter trying to find the right porcelain for my work. As of late I have been using cone 6 Laguna 15 because it is super white and super vitreous. Both of these things are important to me because I leave much of the exterior of my pots unglazed, so the porcelain needs to look very white and not stain from absorption over time. 
However this clay cracks like crazy!!! About 50% of the mugs I make have cracks around the handles. Also, lots of cracks along the bottoms. I have tried everything I can think of to prevent cracking- compressing like CRAZY, adding more clay to attachments, different glaze/clay combos, slower firings with holds... at this point I’m wondering if it’s me or if it’s just the clay. 
Has anyone else had this problem with Laguna 15? Has anyone found alternative super white, vitreous clays that don’t have cracking problems? This clay is so beautiful I wish I could figure this problem out, but a 50% loss rate is too high!


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We use Frost for its whiteness but it is finicky. Compressing was key to solving these issues but how it was compressed became critical, especially around handle joints. Here is an old bad video about compressing https://youtu.be/jVNJELUpclk. Once we started being religious about our compression the cracks disappeared. Same for joints, which often we clear glaze, so any crack shows up. Best idea, re-evaluate how things are compressed and whether they are truly denser when you are done.

The bowl below is frost, the mug Is frost, just warm lighting,  it reveals the type of handle joint which deserves lots of compression at attachment time when it is clear glazed.

Hope that helps!

Threw  in a bisqued version below before spraying the clear glaze. Frost is very white.





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I love frost when it turns out but it’s finicky is not worth the effort imo…it is hard to match but I found standard 365 to be better in almost every regard. I can throw it paper thin if needed, it’s super white translucent etc. months ago I tested every porcelain I could pretty much get my hands on and 365 won for me as it checked every box.

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