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Significant Ceramic News of 2019

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There have been times where a significant event has happened involving ceramics where posters could not figure where to post it. Sadly enough, deaths of important artists is one of these areas. There are times also when a major museum has a Ceramics event of great interest, or where some other event occurs that really should be posted other than in the Ceramic Events of Interest area. We have posted this strand here in the Educational Approaches and Resources section as we expect the litmus test to be. . . .is this of educational importance to Ceramics.




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Even though Warren McKenzie died in December of 2018, I am kicking this strand off by including him here.

Min posted the following link to an excellent historic article on Warren.

Sad news, one of the greats, Warren MacKenzie, passed away on December 31. 

Truly a big loss.


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That strange as I was just going thru my 2011 tax papers to shred (8 years back) to make room for the new 2018 papers I'm working on now.

One was a letter from Warren about the bowl he sent me as a trade (I paid shipping cost)I put it with bowl today-same day I read this thread.I had not heard the news-small world.

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we lost several of the best last  year.   

mitch lyons gave a lot of workshops introducing people to the broomstick method of making cylinders.   i attended a meeting where he explained how he made his  monoprints  and showed the making of one print.    he was a kind and gentle man.

we should not take for granted the continued  presence of the potters we know of but do not have direct contact.

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Doug Baldwin , long time educator at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, passed away in Dec 2018 also. Below is the piece from MICA newsletter as it appeared on the NCECA blog. Doug was born in Missoula, Montana and retired to Missoula. He continued working at the Clay Studio in Missoula.




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I happened to hear about Warren, from a channel I follow on Youtube. 

I've watched multiple videos, documenting his process.  I am *still* in awe of how he was able to keep going with pottery, even in his later years.  I also chuckle at his insistence, that he do everything himself, because he couldn't find anyone to do it, just how he wanted it. 

His influence will continue to be felt.

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