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Your Hugest "derp" Moment?

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Mine happened today. OMG.


Sooooo...remember that thread a while back about me freaking out over my Fred Kiln's brain (switch block) frying? Well, I bought a new one, and my fella came over today to perform brain surgery on Fred. He was able to repair Fred beautifully (and BOY was that old switch block corroded!). So, we said a prayer to the kiln gods, put a cone in the sitter, and flipped his newly installed switch.


Nothing happened.


We checked Fred's cord was plugged properly into the extension, checked if the block was installed correctly, checked the wiring...nothing. I was in despair, thinking I was gonna have to buy a new bloody power cord. So, my fella asked me to fiddle with the long cord that the main cord was plugged into.




*colossal facepalm of concussive doom*


The wall plug is pretty hidden behind stuff and I didn't see that it had come loose! Oh, for CRYING OUT LOUD.


I am an idiot. :D :D


Okay, now let's share our "OH DUH" moments, so I don't feel like such a rodent brain! :D

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"Derp" moments happen to me on an hourly basis! :blink:  Welcome to my world.....


Most recently, I loaded and set the kiln up the night before (I like to start my firing early in the morning so I have all day to keep an eye on things) and all ready to go for first thing in the morning. Well, right there was probably my first mistake. I may be an early riser, but that doesn't always mean my mind is actually functioning at that time. So, I stumbled into the studio at 0-dark 30, made a note of the time I was turning the kiln on, turned around and set the 3-heat switches to low.


Nothing! Bupkiss! No pretty red light to indicate that the kiln was on. So, I check the breaker. Nope, that was fine. Next I check the power cord. Nope, that's fine too. WTH?!?!? Then I start looking more closely at the controls. It was then that I noticed that the kiln sitter trip claw wasn't engaged. Gaaaah!!! I forgot to put a cone in the *$)(!#$## KILN!! Needless to say, I had to almost completely unload the kiln to be able to get to the sitter and pop a cone in.


Yup, I am a danger to myself and others! :wacko:

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My wife and I signed up on on short notice for a salt firing workshop to be held last weekend, and since we work Cone 6 at the house, I brought home half a bag of cone 10 clay, which was about enough to make one piece each.  As I always say, live dangerously - don't have a backup plan!.  Being in a rush, I got too thin on the bottom and my  piece cracked.  Hers appeared to be nice and dry but blew out one side of the bottom during bisque.  She'll have a one-sided piece, and I'll have a vase that won't hold water. 


We had a good time at the workshop anyway!

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I had just finished throwing a nice vase.  As I lifted the bat off the wheel, my phone went off.  I have an emergency beep that means I "need to take this call STAT."  So I set the bat on my throwing stool and answered my phone, calmed the medical storm, then sat down on my stool.  The poor vase felt kind of "squishy."



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my hubby used to do computer tech support and sometimes a call came in at home.  he had the most delicate ways of asking people stuff ,  like : "ok you have probably already checked the power supply chain to see if all elements are intact and in  synch"   ....   read: dummy is it plugged in?


yesterday someone complained about little bits of plaster coming off the wedging table and getting into her clay. i told her that would make the clay blow up. she thought i was joking.   i finally convinced her to toss that clay. 


and once someone glaze a piece of greenware and put it in a raku firing.  that was a mess.   rakuku

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