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  1. For any mold, you need to adjust the amount of time it's full of slip to the desired thickness. This means keeping detailed logs. If these are open molds, you can probably just press normal clay into them, scrape off the excess and use them as a "press mold".
  2. It only measures to cone 05, so not particularly useful unless you're low firing
  3. I have had a hard enough time adjusting my glazes to 3 very similar stoneware bodies, I would hate to try doing it with 11 wildly different ones! I think the reason most potters settle into 2-3 clays is because their gallons of glaze just aren't going to fit a wide variety of clays.
  4. "Free",. Because 70 cents a pound is about double price of buying in the store.
  5. I've sold a few mugs online in the last week, so I guess some people still have the disposable cash
  6. A double gallery, a little tricky! I have been making casseroles with just a lid gallery, and they've been turning out well. I have had to trim them into place a little but not any more than I do with any pot. The issue I have, if anything, is that the domed lid shrinks MORE because it shrinks in a dome shape, whereas the casserole only shrinks in one direction.
  7. Man you should see what our kindergartner has to do online, it's crazy! They're doing more studying at home now than they ever did in school and it's a full time job for my wife and I, but hey, something to keep us and the kids busy! Lots of play time in the cul-de-sac, lots of cleaning and organizing, just trying to stay sane here
  8. I used to have an aquarium shrimp business, importing, housing, breeding and shipping live shrimp around the world. As well as equipment and supplies. You definitely get used to it. I would take orders during the day, come home from work at night and pack and ship for a few hours, drop all the packages off the next morning on my way to work. It becomes a routine like anything else. I had special order boxes that fit insulation and custom packing supplies, etc that made things cheaper, faster and easier as I progressed. Doing online sales isn't more work than sitting at a booth for a 3 day weekend, it's just different work, and there's no "art fair" equivalent to marketing online. You can't feel stuff online, or see what the colors actually look like, etc. And you don't have 20,000 people walking by your booth ready to buy stuff. Those are where the challenges lie. If you have a lot of social media followers you can drive traffic and hype up an online sale, but if you don't, there aren't many people online that enjoy advertisements.
  9. Well by the time the piece is bone dry it'll be more like 22 inches, so you should be fine
  10. Zinc turns anything with chrome (that's pinks, lavendars and greens) to a washed out brown or tan. It also happens to be a really popular additive for clear commercial glazes. We ran into this problem at school because we had two amaco clear glazes, one said HF and one said ZF, and people chose the HF one because it was "high fire" and didn't choose the ZF because they thought maybe it was zero fire or something. Anyway, that was my personal story with zinc and underglaze. Also at higher temperature chrome volatilizes, but I wouldn't expect that at cone 6.
  11. Sometimes a crown is changed to have metal margins, sometimes the stacking was bad, but we use it a lot to blast out the refractory from casting crowns too. As a denture tech I use it a lot when I have to solder repair frameworks, nothing quite cleans a surface like sandblasting. The solder mates so well like that.
  12. Go for it, although I'll say a lot of gas firers take pride in controlling the process manually because it is as much of an art as the rest of the process for some. I know when I was gas firing it would not have been the same if it were automated. Different, not necessarily better.
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