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  1. At this point the few handles I've made have been back-filled because I don't know how not to. I'm afraid they'll break off otherwise and feel it necessary to reinforce where attached.
  2. Those are press molds made from B-mix type clay. I'm not sure of their best use yet, maybe ornamentation for further vessels?
  3. There's rumor of a glorified yard sale later this month, making some pinched dishes for it. 

  4. I take a day off. Sometimes three. Stare at netflix without enthusiasm. Take naps. Drive to the store and waste money on things I don't really need (nutella). Visit my favorite haunts. Honestly my ideas never stop flowing, but my desire to do anything but sketch them out frequently dries up and I can't get anything started. Going through that right now, although I made a new form last night and it really seemed to break the ice. Went from feeling depressed to relieved, so strange...
  5. @Oldlady, I've had a gorgeous stem of purple rhodies in it for about a week now. I should post a pic of the inside the glaze really is gorgeous in there. I wish I hadn't wiped quite so much off.
  6. My first tall vessel (about 11") Bought this glaze as "emerald mist" but I can't seem to find any google hits for it. Never did anything in tests, it just looked bleh, now this. I wish I hadn't wiped so much off the red clay body, it's gorgeous on the inside. If there are still two images of the other side could someone possibly delete one of them? I tried but the site just told me I couldn't look at the image anymore when I clicked on it.
  7. Birkenstocks, just sayin': My last pair of leather Arizona's lasted 7 yrs and I wore them (nearly) every day including at work, in the rain, etc. Yes, I wear socks with sandals. They will cost you but it's cheaper than replacing shoes every year. They form to your feet. I wear the classic kind with no heel strap but they make lots that do have them now. Once you start wearing them they are addictive and your feet won't want to go back.
  8. How do you get the clay to form those tiny threads?
  9. Yes that's exactly. originally I wanted the brine shrimp not be attached to anything, but it was too fiddly and one of it's ribs got cut off, so basically I made a rubber stamp out of it to glue the rib in place. It should have nice sharp edges for a long time. I used aquarium silicone to attach it to the backing; more vinyl; which worked great, then glued the whole thing to a small flooring tile because I didn't have a piece of wood the right size. Voila, prototype. I smeared craft paint on a plastic plate, twirled the stamp around in it and stamped it onto to a damp piece of fabric. Worked not so well on dry fabric. Anyway, I'll be using this idea again but without the backing attached it should work better in future for clay. The sheet vinyl -not the hard 'tile' type flooring- cut super easy. I went into a flooring store I get my flooring tile remnants from and they were happy to give me a scrap.
  10. I recently discovered that (Sheet) vinyl flooring makes great easy to cut stamps for making impressions, not so much for picking up color, but I'll be putting color into them and wiping back like Pres mentioned in the topic. With scissors I was able to cut out this in about 20 min with only one boo-boo I had to fix. So far it's working great for stamping clay, and reasonably well for cloth using craft paint. Use thin plastic wrap, better yet those clear plastic produce bags from the grocery store over the clay or the vinyl tends to stick toit.
  11. Stuck on making up a 'store' title and motif. Grokking new 'bread & butter designs. Needing to make some stuff for myself alone. 

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    2. yappystudent


      TY for asking. My situation is a bit complicated, but the simple version would be to peddle a personal fantasy twist to somewhat baroque-meets-sci fi wares, in a small capacity in my local community and on Etsy. I can't quite decide how exotic to get. At this point my output will be fairly minimal so it's up to personal choice really. Any ideas? 

    3. Gabby


      This is just my feeling, as someone who has bought pottery both from Etsy and at a shop. 

      I don't think the store name matters on Etsy. That will be all about photos and descriptions.

      I don't think it matters either for items you might sell through someone else's shop. 

      For a booth, I would choose a name that draws people because it captures who they want to believe they are or how they want to live. We have participants here whose business names are, for example, Good Earth and Dirt Roads,  each of which evokes an image of a way of life. 

      I'd definitely walk into a booth called Queen Agnes' Intergalactic Kitchen, but that doesn't mean the residents of Coos Bay would.  I have a card tucked under my computer from a potter who does hand-building and calls herself Earth to Annie, a name that captures both the Earth origin of her material and the fantasy embodied in the style of her work.

    4. yappystudent


      Sweet. I'm stealing that Queen Agnes' logo right now, it might not be to far away from the mark. Valuable insight otherwise as well. Actually you must read minds because the current working title starts with "Queen"! -anyway, the shop theme will be largely to keep my own interest over time, allow some wiggle room to my designs, build up a local reputation with original work. I am not a social flower so my work is going to have to speak for itself. Won't argue that I don't need to do this, especially in regards to paraphernalia wares, what's on the shelves currently locally and online is mainly either godawful or very bland. That won't be all I'm doing but since those stores need goods and there is one on every block here the unexploited niche is irresistible. Thanks again for your interaction, useful stuff. 

  12. Try a little Kintsugi AKA Japanese pottery repair method? Glaze it and join it together with the glaze, and support it underneath with a waster so the broken edges touch during firing so they fuse. Afterwards, drill holes and use 3 large copper staples to further join it, -or- do the glaze thing and use a metal leaf (gold or copper) over the repaired crack.
  13. They are spiral kiln plugs, at least that's what they are now because I could have sworn I glazed them, but I didn't and they all cracked due to design flaws except the one I did glaze...and I did not know that about the kiln posts, however I bought far more than I needed to fill the kiln, I was just short on work to glaze. I wanted to get my neighbor's mug done before he left (think he's a fisherman, I owe him a favor) but too late he already split for Alaska, aargh!
  14. What is the community challenge and when does it happen? I can find this thread OK but the basic info still eludes me.
  15. Q: Where does one draw the line between deciding what is a second and what is OK to represent your name? For that matter, what is a second -perhaps worthy of selling out the back room so to speak albeit with your logo stamped into it forever, and what is junk waiting for the hammer or negative examples shelf? Exemplary work probably speaks for itself, but what about the gray areas below that? A set of rules for these decisions would be helpful.
  16. TY for posting my question and I've never seen decorated kiln plugs, neat idea . Thought of this while trying to decide what I'd like to make the kiln goddess for my -still nameless- new kiln. Lots of bits and bobs around I could use but nothing seems to fit until I come up with a name first. I'll probably make a little figure of some sort that won't take up much shelf room. Back in the day my boss used his kiln god until it was burnt and unrecognizable, although it was pretty funky in the first place, then would replace it with a new one when it started falling apart. They always went inside the kiln and he was very particular about it.
  17. Waiting to open my first real (not just tests) glaze firing in my own kiln. Now I understand. 

    1. Denice


      Tick Tick Tick  Be patient.   Denice

  18. Trying to get my next ^5-6 glaze load together. My work is mostly tiny and I've got about a shelf and a half so far. At some point I'll just fire it up full or not, I want to give my neighbor his mug, he looks a little bummed out and could probably use it.
  19. My cat left me a lizard on the porch for mother's day. :D 

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    2. DirtRoads


      aww that's cute

    3. yappystudent


      Ha Glazenerd, nice try I'm not falling for that again. 

    4. Denice


      My dog tears the lizards into pieces and scatter them all over the yard.  My first dog was real mouser,  I got him when he was 6 weeks old.  The first morning I had him he comes up to me with blood all over his face.   I freaked out until he shows me his prize.   He continues bringing me mice,  sometimes they weren't dead.   Denice

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