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  1. No I offered it in complete sincerity. Clearly my personal experiences with teachers has been pretty lousy (although MS. Kim at CR was a rare exception <3) -as I've often described in my posts my usual experience when I asked a question in class was to be ignored or worse yet, quickly understood that I already knew more than the teacher thanks to self-study. My current teacher is now on vacation for two weeks AFTER class has started...rather than fill the page with useless, unwanted observations let's just say the trend continues. When do I get my money's worth? What's the point of asking them anything? Like before I'm working on my own stuff, marking time because I have to take the beginner's class and can't afford the 'real' classes. Also, it's a prerequisite so we don't 'damage' the studio. That said, someone just put the large very much still wet vase I was working on in the kiln and fired it up. They had to dig it out from behind all my other work where I tried to hide it. Is this the level of competency I'm aspiring to? They must know something I don't....also somebody stole the silly little teacup pinchpots we were forced to spend the first class making, just to put the cherry on the cake. Fortunately tea is gross, I'm just wondering what else of my work will go missing or get blown up. Gabby, I get your implications, you think I'm an upstart who doesn't know any better and is insecure about it, shouting to the empty air and just, well, embarrassing myself. What you define as strident I'd call not being a sheep. I have no interest in being whipped into line to serve the machine. Surrendering creativity, free will, self-fulfillment, If that's what you enjoy dig in, there's plenty to go around if you want to waste a ton of cash and years of your life. Luckily, school is no longer necessary and is getting less so over time. I think this is awesome! A quote that expresses what I'm trying to say better than I can, from "A Language Older than Words" by Derrick Jensen: Through the process of schooling, each fresh child is attenuated, muted, molded, made- like aluminum -malleable yet durable, and so prepared to compete in society, and ultimately to lead this society where it so obviously is headed. (the entire book is about the collapse of the environment and what we've lost as human beings thanks to societal psychosis) -schooling as it presently exists, like science before it and religion before that is necessary to the continuation of our culture and to the spawning of a new species of human, ever more submissive to authority, every more pliant, prepared, by thirteen years of sitting and receiving, sitting and regurgitating, sitting and waiting for the end, prepared for the rest of their lives to toil, to propagate, to never make waves, and to live each day with never an original thought nor even a shred of hope.
  2. Some points, although I think I've ground my views on this topic into the ground already. ..I feel quite salty ATM, so: Suggesting studying or doing ceramics is "Hard Work" is funny. Anyone who thinks that has never done any actual hard work. If college were available to everyone who deserves to go, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Of course all artists want to learn and take advantage of available resources, but they're priced out. Even sucky college classes would probably be worth it just for the connections you'd make with the art community and other benefits. Poor is rarely a temporary choice with options. Those who've got their piece of paper justify their good luck by assuming those who don't have one are lazy or misguided or stupid. No, they're just poor, and it's a lot more crippling than you think. Thank the Universe for Youtube and the interwebs, also the CAD site has a few helpful tips now and again but this argument is getting old. I'm starting to wonder if this topic keeps resurfacing because those who have a piece of paper want to reassure themselves they're safely in the elite and everyone else is not. It must be a very warm, secure place to be. I wonder what that's like?
  3. Busy with pottery class assignments. Trying my hand at slipware there and at home. 

    1. JohnnyK


      Are you going to be making your own molds too, or just getting a feel for the process? Have fun either way!

    2. yappystudent


      By slipware I meant slip decorating. That's what they call it on Youtube searches, oops. At any rate it's good fun, TY!

  4. Let's face it, I do it for the attention from other potters.
  5. Every time I make a little mosaic tile shape I like, I make a bisque press-mold of it. I have dozens of these now and don't have to worry about losing forms that may have arose spontaneously. They give me a strange sense of satisfaction.
  6. Class in progress, yay! 

  7. Intended mid-fire turning into a second low fire. Oodles of mosaic tiles being glazed to justify space. 

  8. Bisque firing waiting to emerge, with any luck a mid fire in the next day or three. 

  9. Is there a Q of the week this week? -can't find it. 

  10. It's amazing how fast the word "lawyer" gets ppl's attention. I'm not saying you'd actually do it, but it might make them talk a little longer and more earnestly about changing their policies at some point in future to be more fair. Complacency in regards to have and have-not's has gone on too long. That they won't even talk about your suggestion at their little meeting is outrageous. they're probably hoping you'll go away if they don't. IMHO it's perhaps not your duty to set them straight but it's certainly your right to. Sounds to me like you're giving some selfish jerks way to much credit about their motivations.
  11. The rains have come. Trying to develop some big vessels to repeat for sale. 

    1. Gabby


      Rain much better than smoke.

      Does this mean you are sketching? 

      Will you coil build? 

    2. yappystudent


      Luckily no smoke on the coast. Slab over a bowl I found as well as using the big maple leaf press mold, and ty for asking. 

    3. lgusten


      Glad you did not have to contend  with the smoke.  Looking forward to seeing your new works.

  12. Waiting for stuff to dry again. 

  13. Big leaf maple leaf bowls. 

  14. Decorating the big blank bowl in the photo I last posted. 

  15. Have you ever inadvertently created something totally embarrassing , and you didn't see what was wrong with it until someone pointed it out? When the tv show 'everybody loves raymond' had the episode where ray's mother sculpted a 'well known female body part' and took it to an art show without realizing what it looked like, I felt redeemed for my obviously twisted inner mind. I once did a large semi-abstract painting of a shape that seemed exciting and dynamic only to have it pointed out to me that it strongly resembled something I can't mention directly but it shares it's name with a kind of whale. Mortified, the painting and all it's hard work were never seen again.
  16. Sprained my ankle and scraped myself up rolling down a 20 foot hill, while trying to pick peaches. I got extremely lucky. 

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    2. Gabby


      I wish you a very good recovery from the sprain. I hope the cat and the view from your studio offer some quality time while you stay off that foot. [I broke a foot a few years ago and was very lucky my dog was a bulldog who wasn't much for long and speedy walks anyway].

    3. Pres


      Ouch! Be careful of the strain. 




    4. yappystudent


      TYVM for the well wishes. It was very exciting at the time but I'm almost back on my feet. Overextended with a fruit picker on  a steep overgrown slope, feet went out from underneath me, and to my surprise once I got rolling gravity was in control. Badly sprained right foot, much of my left leg scraped and bruised black. Managed not to hit a short metal stake that used to hold up washed-out retaining wall but lots of partly-trimmed brush trunks poking out. Did not hit head, neck, or my back on the concrete at the bottom.  Advice: don't overextend, or pick fruit wearing shorts. 

      @Igusten: I do have quite a few in the freezer already, the skunks are enjoying the nearly full 5 gallon bucket sitting up under the tree at present. I'll make a stab collecting it tomorrow. 

      @Denice: The idea of your toe makes me cringe. Ow.  

      @Gabby thank the powers that be for lazy animal companions. whenever I'm sick or hurt the big cat abandons me completely, the little one sticks to me like glue to the point of annoyance. 

      @Pres ty and I'll be careful. 

  17. One pic of most recent fire in gallery. 

  18. Folks will recall the low-fire mermaid dish, images of which are in the "What's on Your Workbench" thread. It had sifted unwashed beach (dune) sand. Functionally it seemed to work pretty great and looked OK too. The dish survived being put from the freezer into a 400 f oven. There was an iron spot on it I didn't like, in retrospect I think that came flying off a pair of steel tongs I used to remove a small waster I'd left accidentally propping the lid open at around 1k f...oops...found iron bits scattered over other stuff too. Does the iron count as an added material? If so it was a fail. In a recent low-fire (^O5 -f) I put a fresh petunia flower in the center of a top plate out of curiosity, to my surprise it left an unattractive brown smudge I felt obliged to sand off. I was just going to glaze it also at low temps and wasn't sure if the smudge would burn out. It took some effort.
  19. Waiting for a load to cool in the wee hours but it's mostly re-fires. 

  20. yappystudent

    Small Mix 2

    I like the fragmentary look of the dish on the lower left.
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