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  1. Anyone know of a good brand or type of polish for smoked pottery that is non-yellowing? Closest I've found so far is Pledge but it doesn't produce a high shine. Beeswax is really yellow (surprise, surprise) and floor paste wax causes the white parts of the terrasig to go yellow too
  2. The arts council thing is what bothers me the most too. Politics & ethics.........
  3. I think my kids watched a movie about this. How its made talks about it too
  4. Go on a tour at Kohler and spy out the cone they fire their porcelain to. The factory is in Wisconsin. Unless you have a similar factory in St.Louis?
  5. Simon Leaches videos show him nodding while throwing. I thought it was involuntary. Simon Leach uses a mirror too. Pretty sure I don't nod. I pull up the pots either looking in the mirror or eyes closed.
  6. there's a thread about it. Its not really a straight line- there is a bit of a wiggle so I think its an s crack. go to this discussion : PS your post is in the wrong section.
  7. The white streaks on the neck of the vase - wonder if that is the marbling coming through?
  8. You will stop looking for new glazes when you "kick the bucket". If you believe in an afterlife, then never. Firing results may vary in heaven vs hell
  9. I went to visit Gary Holt about 7 years ago. He explained his process and it does take more care and safety to work with the metal salts. His work is beautiful and it really has a striking water colour effect. It would be best if you had a background in chemistry to proceed and had all of the personal protective gear and a good place to work. Much of the metal salts are difficult to obtain. He works with southern ice and it takes multiple firings to complete each piece. I've been kicking myself for not buying a piece - just the how-to-video
  10. My wheel acts up too - its a pacifica. I should try to rewire the foot- just been too lazy to try. They have some new shimpos at the studio I belong to - they are sooooo nice
  11. moved the wheel back into the basement from the outdoor shed.

    any other cold weather people starting to get cabin fever yet?

    It's a real thing :blink:

    1. Pres


      Snow and ice here in PA, seems like one storm quits and another is behind it. 4hrs a day shoveling and scraping just isn't fun.




    2. JohnnyK


      Maybe you folks can build snowmen and creative with your carving tools to make it interesting...:).

    3. Pres


      Spend too much time in the snow as it is. The ice is granular, and not very carvable. It does not pack, and is very heavy. What bit of snow is there is between layers of the ice.


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  12. Well it looks like the consensus is to use the actual raku process for decorative items. I think the most striking point against making tea cups was durability and modern life - dishwashers, microwaves .... They are attractive but durability is important This is an example of what I was seeing online that started the whole thing : https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/rakuteacup/?hl=en
  13. How do you make a raku cup -food safe usable? I've always treated it as purely decorative not for food items but I've seen raku tea cups. Do you just use clear or white glaze or safe stains in a clear glaze base without metal oxides? It invariably has fractures through the glaze so how can it be usable? Hand wash only?
  14. It's a bit chilly here this week and my wheel is in a shed that is outdoors with a gas heater. -27C so maybe I should think of something else to do.

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    2. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      Oh you're trying that too, eh? I started mine at about 1. 

    3. oldlady


      terri, were you ever a weatherperson in florida???  their vocabulary list contains only two words,  "chilly" or "warm".  it is NEVER cold or hot.    i think your temp reading places you in the definitely instantly freezing category.

    4. terrim8


      should have said "a tad chilly" like the Brits :unsure:

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  15. I did a few small one day shows. It was pretty easy- I had a small foldable table & chair and I used the show's bigger tables as well, a beige painters floor cloth for a table cloth, a few bricks for some cloth-covered boards to make risers and my pottery. It all fit into my little car.
  16. Someone has to be bringing him to class. The school could probably fill you in on more due to safety issues. I agree with Lee about the safety issue - as long as he's not near the kilns or anything else hazardous then he will be fine and its a good thing for people to help him out - good for them and good for him. He won't be with you for long as S.Dean said above . Unfortunately my Mom is going thru this now - she's 96 and she's taking part in activities to keep her mobile. Actually the care home's version of pottery is just the paint on type and my Mom would not have done this when she was
  17. Seems like a lot people are struggling with this topic right now. Elon is trying to figure out how to make his Model 3 less expensive. Apple is realizing that $1000 is a bit much for a cell phone. Heath Ceramics has an outlet in Sausalito with seconds at a lower price. Wish I had their problems! I haven't got the energy to sell 1000 pots for $1! So its try to make things well, try to make them attractive and try to figure out the market as I go.
  18. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/539y4z/the-horrible-anger-you-feel-at-hearing-someone-chewing-is-called-misophonia If it is this, then it is a disability. It is something she has to deal with and you may not be able to help her but perhaps the college can. The legalities of your position covered in previous replies helps you but not her and it sounds like she needs real help.
  19. Thanks! Going to try a small one myself first though. I'm not a production potter so It'll be a one -off for me
  20. I love bacon so that would be good for me!
  21. how does it work? I see a hole for drainage but do you lay the bacon over the edge?
  22. still haven't had a chance to make any cone 10 stuff but I'll get there. Maybe we can go in the spring for a change?

    1. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      It would save freezing our butts off. 

    2. terrim8


      wouldn't it be great if that actually worked?  (butt freezing) Like that "cool sculpting" you see advertised all over the place :o

    3. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      But then we couldn't get all ragey about the guilt tactics that diet manufacturers and health clubs use this time of year!

  23. Guess I'll have to work on my soap skills. I wrote to the manufacturer for the polyurethane parting compound and they don't make it anymore as they can't source the raw material - they're looking for a replacement themselves.
  24. when i'm mixing small test glazes - (paper cup sized quantities) I use a nail brush over the sieve and that works well - so I can see how the big drill brush would be great for large volumes!
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