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  1. I had the same problem. I like the colour of the dark body PSH- black clay, so I made a slip out of it and I use it with my regular Plainsman cone 6 clay. So far- so good. I bisque to 04 and I have an old bisque kiln with just a kiln sitter so I couldn't soak it at 04. The slip seems to be a good solution but I have also just made some things out of the dark clay without glaze and that works too. My profile picture is of unglazed black PSH and a cone 6 porcelain mixed together.
  2. So happy & relieved - my home-mined glaze is good to go. Lab results were good!

    1. glazenerd


      Sounds like a good day at the pottery mill.

    2. Min


      phew! glad to hear you got good lab results : )

    3. terrim8


      I will be planting roses this week and mining with each rose.

  3. Or... make something out of your own mix of clay with a flame-ware recipe from scratch (no buying ready-made clay) , then make some type of food with it -so, start to finish - raw material to finished food item made in the flame-ware. ( cross between pottery throw down & great bake-off) (I've been wanting to learn how to make flame-ware)
  4. My back hurts today. Wish I could throw everything out & not have to clean up! Disposable sounds good. Think I'll get paper plates, eat with barbecued on-a-stick food only & then throw out the stick.
  5. that lab is slow. I think I'm stuck behind a big order they're working on. I'll show pictures of the new glaze as soon as I pass the tests!

    1. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      If they're running Dean Starks, or anything else related to core, you're probably not their priority right now. You'd likely get faster service in the summer.

  6. wish I still had it digitally. Its next to the Forestry office and their helicopter lands there.
  7. still testing glazes....but making things while I wait for results.

    1. glazenerd


      We going to see these results?

    2. terrim8


      yep! I hope to pick up some today- mind you its just test chips before I glaze the next load- then i'll post pictures.

  8. From the album: other stuff

    One of my favourite pictures and I don't have it digitally anymore. This is from a paper copy I had on the wall.
  9. terrim8

    other stuff

    old pictures of pots around the studio, reclaiming bowl, cones in the kiln,...
  10. lots of glaze tests this week- need some new ideas & experiments

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    2. terrim8


      wish I had a mini kiln for tests

    3. Marko


      ebay, Craig's List, garage sale, estate sell, etc. There's on out there waiting for you. Never give up looking.

    4. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      get a copy of Ian Gregory's Kiln book. I forget the exact name of it, but it has all types of little test kilns. I want to do the soda kiln.


  11. terrim8

    IMG 5434

    thank you! Heading back to my warm bed now- that getting up early & kiln shelf scraping has me needing to hibernate.
  12. yes we are lucky! Definitely want to go back, plus I think Callie was having a real hard look - lots of potters have moved there because of the facilities.
  13. terrim8

    Medicine Hat Soda Kiln

    January 2017 Soda kiln firing
  14. From the album: Medicine Hat Soda Kiln

    The bit of pink flashing at the top was from some oribe in the kiln. Some mix of flashing slips??? The taco debris looks like a mineral depost of tuffa or something from a black smoker!
  15. From the album: Medicine Hat Soda Kiln

    Kevin's flashing slip and Gail Nichols soda slips and who knows what else- I have to start keeping better records. clay mix of H550 stoneware that fires white and H440 brown high temp. stoneware.
  16. terrim8

    IMG 5434

    yes we did! tired though- its a 2-3 hr drive so no more pictures till tomorrow. Btw- this is the crazy clay of recycled H-550 with two cups of custer & two cups of Grolleg but I don't have a measurement on the volume of H-550 that was in the 5 gal bucket- maybe 3/4 full?
  17. From the album: Medicine Hat Soda Kiln

    Morning! Started grabbing pots but Callie stopped me to take pictures.
  18. From the album: Medicine Hat Soda Kiln

    We soaked some of the port bricks after adding soda tacos in order to provide water vapour to the soda glaze process.
  19. From the album: Medicine Hat Soda Kiln

    We had the kiln in reduction sometimes.
  20. From the album: Medicine Hat Soda Kiln

    This kiln had two forced air burners.
  21. From the album: Medicine Hat Soda Kiln

    Putting soda tacos into the side ports. We added quite a bit of the soda-ash-light,baking soda and calcite mix to this firing. Did i mention that it was -20 C out here yesterday, plus windchill? Not as cozy as my kiln at home but then again my kiln is not a soda kiln and Medalta is more than worth the drive and discomfort of January!
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