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  1. Your little wood burning kiln is not like the scene from this article https://www.technologyreview.com/s/611372/china-is-creating-a-huge-carbon-market-but-not-a-particularly-aggressive-one/amp/ . I know we all have to help but keep things in perspective!
  2. bit of hair stuck out from the face shield while raku-ing today - its crispy - good thing I have a hair appt on Fry-day :rolleyes:

    1. terrim8


      See that picture above . That's from heavy reduction at Medalta. That was fun. So's the new kiln :ph34r:

    2. terrim8


      I kept the avatar because of the similarities. 

    3. terrim8


      Plus I'm cool like that :blink:

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  3. Learning all about raku work these days. Decided that I'm just going to make things that I really enjoy making. Hopefully I can at least earn my keep at the local studio I am at! Lots to learn about glazes, firing, fuming, not singing my hair or eyebrows, etc. Plus I think I'd like to build more kilns - so much fun - my kind of experimenting.
  4. I have some pots that I want to finish soon. They've been drying pretty nicely for about a week. There are no joins but some cut-outs. Our weather has been unseasonably cool & my workspace is in a cool basement. I am debating whether or not to try using our convection oven to speed things up! Risky? Thoughts?
  5. I haven't read thru the whole thread so I may be repeating these references but here goes: http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/research-collections/geology/resources/hudson-river-lake-clay-exposures http://www.clays.org/journal/archive/volume 1/1-1-19.pdf http://www.co.dutchess.ny.us/CountyGov/Departments/Planning/nrichapthree.pdf discussion of surface deposits starts on page 19 Don't know if it helps but may explain some of the sources for various elements. Its a thread of literature you can follow.
  6. Got my new tiger torch today. There was a problem with the valve on the old one & the regulator was slowing things down. I think its all a-ok now :D

  7. terrim8

    COE In clay

    You should have went into XRF - go over to Saint Louis University & ask people in their Earth Sciences Dept. As far as I know, crack formation - as you cool the melt, is rate dependent. Here's two extremes with the same material: Thick silica layers of Obsidian cool slowly - not too many cracks. (deposited in volcanic layers) Thin silica - Pele's Hair cools fast but it is thin (spewed out from the tail end of volcanic bombs!) My 2 cents (prob. all its worth!)
  8. going to get a new burner today :mellow:

    1. glazenerd


      What do you plan on burning?

    2. terrim8


      anything I want! I now have 220,000 BTU's:ph34r:

    3. glazenerd


      That's not a burner, that is a flame thrower. Cooker deluxe!

  9. argggg..... tried a test firing today & didn't get to temp. My tiger torch burner has 100,000 BTU's. Tomorrow, I will pick up a 220,000 BTU torch - just the torch itself & try again.
  10. Finally have it set up with the fibre attached. Just waiting for my tongs I ordered. Burner not set in place yet- Thursday or Friday.
  11. I wrapped one of the pots entirely in plastic to slow down the dry time- guess we'll see how it goes
  12. I like the texture of this heavily grogged raku clay but it seems to have a high failure rate. My first batch of pots had quite a few cracks near the base. Maybe I was trying to dry them too fast so I'm trying again & I tried to throw with less water and ribbed the bases well. Any other tips for working with this clay?
  13. Maybe the chlorine from the water treatment plant is stripping the cations out of the clay??? Seems oddly clean for an industrial drainage!
  14. Those jars are gorgeous Johnny! Thanks everyone- I thought it could be done visually as per all the reading I've been doing but it feels reassuring to check
  15. Just about finished building my raku kiln. It is the metal cage type with a base and a top portion that lifts off. The plan came from a book about alternative kilns- its the raku "rocket"! I would like to buy a nice pyrometer but it will have to wait for awhile. Can i just judge the temp with cones? Visually? I will probably do a test firing for glazes with a load of test tiles first.
  16. anyone have a good patching mix for bisque? Thinking of trying to use paper clay as the patch material but the body is regular clay.


    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Yes. For small batches, soak toilet paper over night, squeeze dry, put it into a blender, add powdered clay body to be repaired,  Use about 25% paper to clay

      about add some vinegar, and a smaller amount of sodium silicate 

      Blend into a paste. Ad a little water if you need to. 

      Dampen the bisque well before applying or else the patch will peel away.

      Re-bisque before glazing. I have repaired students' handles and some of my own architectural work using this.


    2. terrim8


      Thanks Marcia!

  17. Death & taxes! Here's a short history of another craft product that the tax man really wanted "in" on : http://www.ibiblio.org/moonshine/drink/historical.html Think I prefer making pottery to making booze. Having pottery in shops in pretty nice & online is pretty slow. When my kids were small & we would ride in the car, they would open their little bags of M & Ms (they were actually Smarties - the Canadian version) & I'd put my hand out for my portion while saying "taxman!" Needless to say, they have an interesting perspective on taxes Seems like there are m
  18. Oh- looks like someone did make an excellent instructional video on this topic.
  19. My passive-aggressive neighbour is out cutting the grass after he threw all the pinecones back into my yard. We had some strong winds a few days ago. Thinking of making some clay pinecones, but maybe not-  since the real ones  are from my pine tree :)

    1. Min


      Pinecones are better than the slugs and snails that my neighbour keeps sending over to my garden. ;)

  20. Good question. Seemed like a natural fit for a hobby. Still working with earth sciences but in a free-er way - unlike work! The experiment side of ceramics is where the freedom kicks in and opening the kiln is always like Christmas
  21. Bought a box of Seattle Pottery Supply's cone 8-10 Flameware today! This is a first but I have Sumi von Dassow's book & you guys for advice....(my goose is cooked)

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