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  1. My neighbour was an artist and I used to sit for hours watching him paint on weekend mornings. That was a pretty young age for me - likely 8 or 9. He was also a sculptor. I remember trying to make things similar to his work with our back yard mud - wonder if he noticed? The school system I was in (public) invested in art education. We were always on field trips across the river to the Detroit Institute of Arts or Cranbrook or on a train up to Stratford or something! Most people have no idea what a great area & incubator for art the Detroit area was - thank God they saved the DIA whe
  2. I get the magazines and I'm in Canada so it probably works the same for you in Portugal Pottery interests vary quite a bit so perhaps the membership is the best gift until you know what type of books or videos she would like.
  3. raku'd all morning & then I get into the kitchen tonight and burn my hand from the steam of a microwave dinner. Looks like I should have kept the raku gloves on.


    1. Benzine


      When you are dealing with temperatures around 2000 F, for a ceramic firing, you are ready for anything.

      A couple hundred degrees, in the kitchen, autopilot is engaged...

    2. Min


      ouch! hopes it's minor! 

    3. terrim8


      just two small spots :unsure:

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  4. And it still works well? I was told to never let it freeze. Interesting how we always learn about breaking the rules. I bring mine in to the basement= pretty chilly down there but not freezing.
  5. Two mornings later...I'm doing a 180 on this topic. Maybe its the PBS documentaries I watched this weekend but I can understand the Alaskan's position on this topic now in relation to censorship or protection. Art can easily be used out of context & perhaps (& unfortunately ) censorship is still required in this world. Visual art is the transmission of ideas and I firmly believe that it can be appreciated in an educational setting but the whole world is still far from rational. Looks like I got up on the depressing side of the bed today ! On a brighter note, here is an
  6. terrim8

    geese 2.jpg

    Raku I think but pit would be interesting. They take forever to dry! I have them up in the kitchen- not the cold basement and they still aren't safe to bisque.
  7. Yep- that's why I just took a walk under are cold blue sky. Lots of chickadees out there today and its time for icers. Trying to decide if I want to make one pair of shoes into permanent icers as I can install cleats into them or just get the removable kind. People do have lots of opinions on this and there may be personal digs that I didn't want to participate in!
  8. Just because they are sacred doesn't mean that you shouldn't discuss them, learn about them, appreciate them, etc. especially in an educational setting & putting restrictions on this is like burning books! It is censorship. How would people like it if one political group or one religion or one something or other- took over & told you what you could or couldn't look at, learn about, appreciate, etc. ya I woke up on the wrong side of bed and got on a soapbox this morning .
  9. I agree with Curt, above. If you are researching the art form and then presenting the topic in an accurate manner then I don't believe it is "cultural theft". The accusation of cultural theft is what is wrong and represents a way of thinking that is detrimental to the educational process.
  10. same with this- a refire I think plus I'll add bright copper to the lines. what do you think?
  11. Hey! I didn't know you posted that! I was thinking of refiring that and dipping it for a really thick coating of copper penny.
  12. Starting to read thru the gerstley borate substitute items on the forum.  Has anyone tried Tom Buck's dry mix substitute?  Or do you think its less problematic to just go with Gillespie Borate?

    1. Dick White

      Dick White

      Back in the day, one issue with Gerstley was its variable chemical content. Natural materials are always variable over time , depending on what part of mine it came from, etc., but Gerstley was variable from batch to batch, and some even gave it the nickname Ghastley Borate. When Laguna bought the whole mineyard (but not the mine, nothing new coming out of the ground anymore), they processed it all at once and thoroughly mixed it all. So now the many years worth stock in the warehouse is all pretty much the same. But also slightly different than what it was 20 years ago. The published analysis of the current stock compared to ~1999 show somewhat less silica than before, but other fluxes are about the same +/-. So get some Gerstley and make a test batch of your glaze recipe to see if it needs any tweaking.

    2. glazenerd



      given your background: study ulexite.

    3. terrim8


      another evaporite mineral! - I just bought a 50 lb bag of Laguna Gerstley Borate so I didn't need a substitute. Started mixing up glazes today. Will add a few touches to the raku kiln in the morning so I can operate it by myself, then I'll have more pictures for the gallery.


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  13. bit of hair stuck out from the face shield while raku-ing today - its crispy - good thing I have a hair appt on Fry-day :rolleyes:

    1. terrim8


      See that picture above . That's from heavy reduction at Medalta. That was fun. So's the new kiln :ph34r:

    2. terrim8


      I kept the avatar because of the similarities. 

    3. terrim8


      Plus I'm cool like that :blink:

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  14. Learning all about raku work these days. Decided that I'm just going to make things that I really enjoy making. Hopefully I can at least earn my keep at the local studio I am at! Lots to learn about glazes, firing, fuming, not singing my hair or eyebrows, etc. Plus I think I'd like to build more kilns - so much fun - my kind of experimenting.
  15. I haven't read thru the whole thread so I may be repeating these references but here goes: http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/research-collections/geology/resources/hudson-river-lake-clay-exposures http://www.clays.org/journal/archive/volume 1/1-1-19.pdf http://www.co.dutchess.ny.us/CountyGov/Departments/Planning/nrichapthree.pdf discussion of surface deposits starts on page 19 Don't know if it helps but may explain some of the sources for various elements. Its a thread of literature you can follow.
  16. Got my new tiger torch today. There was a problem with the valve on the old one & the regulator was slowing things down. I think its all a-ok now :D

  17. terrim8

    COE In clay

    You should have went into XRF - go over to Saint Louis University & ask people in their Earth Sciences Dept. As far as I know, crack formation - as you cool the melt, is rate dependent. Here's two extremes with the same material: Thick silica layers of Obsidian cool slowly - not too many cracks. (deposited in volcanic layers) Thin silica - Pele's Hair cools fast but it is thin (spewed out from the tail end of volcanic bombs!) My 2 cents (prob. all its worth!)
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