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  1. Looks like only one row of bricks all around? Or its not a good picture?
  2. looks like I have to find a Canadian store that sells core-lite kiln shelves Anyone recommend a store to email?
  3. doing lessons online is great - you can really appreciate that distance is needed after you have read articles like this https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2763852 -also makes you realize why masks are essential
  4. fantastic article Marcia! I got a hold of Arne Ase's book from the university here and saw the endless varieties of colour you can obtain from the soluble salts plus the high fire capability with porcelain but your work is interesting to see how to use it at lower temperatures than his work. You must have a gas kiln to put the saggars in right? I'm down to a small electric and an outdoor raku kiln - so I probably can't try it now - dam!
  5. Looks nice. Wonder if I can sub OM4 for XX Sagger as that is what's in my cupboard.
  6. I never made much on Etsy and by the time I get on to a new venue, (shopify?) maybe the vaccine will be ready???? I could use something ironic like that now. But I will try again - I saw an article about shopify's share price doing better but that doesn't reflect how people that sell on it are benefiting, just how many of us are trying to go online.
  7. I agree with you that its best to wait for longer. I am wary of a second wave and I see people out on walks not caring how close they get to others. When we walk, we try to cut cross country in parks to keep our distance. The snow is finally starting to let up here and we can get some fresh air now and its been therapeutic to walk as we have been in mourning for my mother's passing. My husband is recovering from a heart attack from last fall and he still has problems and is high risk. I hope people can care enough to do the right thing and take it slowly and carefully to try to get back to normal - don't think I can handle two funerals this year. and pray for a successful , rapid development and deployment of a vaccine.
  8. I haven't been on the forum for awhile - trying my hand at hand building. Fear (& I hope not loathing) after I fire these things! Its a lamp, drying upside down & its bigger than the ones I throw on the wheel.
  9. I've had some issues with various plainsman's clays too lately - some too dry, some too wet. Wonder if they are having production problems?
  10. Definitely go and see for yourself!!! Find out about air bnb's near Alfred and hop on a plane to go see - maybe line up some prof's to talk to but not admissions until you're ready Then go south to Berkeley and check out their art department & maybe join a studio down there for a bit to meet other potters. Did you read Ceramics Monthly this month? Head over to Heath and talk to others about what happens in industry- line up someone to talk to first. The CM article has names & I'd bet someone from that article would have advice. Do some research and line up other places to check out - its really important for you now. If you have financial help there's Stoke on Trent in Britain for apprenticeships, etc. So many options and choices!!! This expense is an investment in your future - you're so young - sigh - wish I was there again.....
  11. We made the tube shaped plaster forms right on to the lathe chuck. Then while the plaster was just set enough to handle, we put them on the lathe and started turning the shape, saving enough at the end to make a spare too. No dust, just crumbs of wettish plaster all over the place and the tools - lots of fun to clean up. There is a separate plaster working area where the lathe is- its kept away from the rest of the pottery - remember? Wish I had that lathe!!!
  12. :ph34r: -28C, colder tonight

    thanks Siberia

    1. Min


      I thought we were cold at -8C here. Stay warm.

    2. JohnnyK


      And here I thought it was cold at 40FB)

  13. Hope all goes well!

  14. No, the point I am trying to make its that it won't take long for people to find the desired commodity in North America if the value is significant enough to encourage exploration. That is why I used the DeBeer's example. This generally runs into an oversupply situation and then the price of the commodity drops. But we can find and develop things here if needed. Btw, DeBeer's Victor Mine in northern Ontario is finished already and so is Snap Lake in the NWT. Short expensive mine life. Of course none of this can change company behavior or foreign government actions with respect to child labour or lax environmental laws. And as potters, you're absolutely right- we don't affect the commodity markets - we're too small. We can decide to not use a product if we know it is produced unethically but that's about it . The problem though is labeling. How do you know where your cobalt came from? Or all those diamonds I need to hurry up and buy for Christmas! I'm adding something else here about labeling - I was buying toothpaste the other day and tried to find out where it was made. I went thru the whole rack and 99% just said imported and wouldn't say from where. I finally found one that said "made in the USA" and I bought that one. I don't want polluted toothpaste!
  15. They used to say that about DeBeers & South Africa about diamonds. Then a South African "defector" by the name of Chuck Fipke came along & spilled the beans to the geological community about specific pathfinder minerals in diamond exploration. It had been a company secret.
  16. Sarcasm ? This is the same country just caught releasing fluorocarbons into the atmosphere again - who needs an ozone layer, right? The US military is working with companies that mine rare earth deposits . There's a new processing plant in Colorado, with the ore mined in Texas. Guess its a strategic commodity now! The price of cobalt indicates that the supply is being met. One of the major producers in the DRC has been shut down for 6 months and the price of cobalt has still dropped. It's too unstable to operate there. Future battery production may not use cobalt. Cadmium is just bad news https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5596182/
  17. That's probably OK that few are heading into pottery as a career. To me that means that the desire to do that work is strong despite the current economic headwinds and that is what is needed to prosper. They've really decided that it's their life's work. The potters I know, in our area, go to innumerable markets and sales - I get tired just hearing about it. I think I'm ready to just putter with pottery and enjoy other's work!
  18. Hey! Leslies products are still available at some place called Clay Planet Where's Santa Clara ? - another edit - just looked it up - I never visit the South Bay - usually don't have time.
  19. I know someone that is looking for real bone ash for her bone china instead of the synthetic commonly available now. She has looked to local farmers but found it didn't fire white enough. Alberta cows must have too much iron in their bones!!!
  20. short person (me) + tall kiln = leaning over too much to reach=

    very sore ribs. :(

    Took about 1 1/2 months to heal.

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    2. terrim8
    3. Denice


      I am not too short just getting old.  I put a false floor in my electric.   I laid old firebricks with space between them on the bottom being careful not to cover my vent holes and then a shelf of top of the bricks.  The shelf was one that had broken in half  so I made sure it had a nice gap.   I called Skutt about it and they said they didn't think it would fire properly.  I think it fires  more evenly than it use do.   I have a dual pyrometer and really had to adjust for a cool bottom and hot top.  Now there is a minor difference.   Denice

    4. terrim8


      sometimes things work out for the best!

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