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  1. We've been learning from many craft experts on CAD and YouTube for years. This is a great way to teach and learn. Students can watch a lesson over ad over. Make videos and they will learn. And there are some potters that charge for this through some sort of payment form of YouTube, Google business. Good luck, stay well, be safe.
  2. Hi Pres, Can you post some examples, or were we can see your process. Thanks. ~Marko
  3. Thanks. Ill have to give it a go. Have a great New Year.
  4. I wanted to silk screen my prints onto decal paper, but how does that work? Water slide decals use a cover coat to keep the water from damaging the print. Is this the same thing to do with printing underglaze?
  5. The vines are preesed. But the lettering is decal. You can find a ceramic decal printer online. Here's one I use https://www.milestonedecalart.com/
  6. Nice work. I have plans to do this. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I'd thank her for her kindness and compassion in a private setting. And ask her to please refer any student to you. So you can best assess and help your student. As for the older gentleman, I would maybe spend a little private time with him. Have a warm talk and see where his mind is. Talk with his family. He might have some memory loss, as someone mentioned, but a little kind help on his project, couldn't hurt. Your class could be the last good thought he remembers.
  8. So much information. Obviously long hours of work. I hope you are writing a thesis or dissertation.
  9. There is all kinds of cost going into making a pot. But I cost out mine and I set my profit margins according to where I am selling. Know your audience. There's a difference between selling at a local farmers market than in a gallery. It's the clientele. But no gallery is going to put a beginner in their shop. Costing it out, is a little time consuming, but then you can come to a reasonable price. Cost out on one piece. how much did the clay cost per pound? Cost of delivery or travel cost in gas (mileage is a deduction). Cost of glaze (Shop recipe( cost out each ingredient in recipe vs Commercial). I calculate when I buy my raw material(cost/#, delivery cost, labor to make a batch, cost per recipe (gram). Cost of the bisque and Glaze firing. (this is best by doing a full load of the same kind of piece). Every kiln is a bit different. You can Google the formula: Calculating the cost of firing an electric kiln. Of course summer rates can be different than winter, unless you have locked in the price with your electric provider. I pay .11/Kw. once you have this you can divided the cost by the amount of pieces fired. A single $8.00 firing divided by 50 pieces = .16 each. Cost of your total time from start to finish make a mug (before firing) based on what you would pay yourself per hour. Exp. (15 minutes or 25% of $20.00=$5.00) then add in the cost per piece fired + cost / # clay. = your cost. Set a profit margin you want Keep records is very important as material cost can change. It's seems like a lot, but once you've done it you will have a good idea if you should be a potter and sweat blood and tears or get a day job. Watch the videos here and there and take a class or work for a seasoned potter that can train you in exchange for work or practice practice practice. Make mistakes and learn from them. It takes years to find your talent as a potter. But only the goods ones get reclaimed and pugged when they died. At least you came to the right place for answers. That's a good start.
  10. Sir, thank you for sharing your creativeness. The abstract expressionism in your sculptures are great. It shows your love of art, the medium and dedications to true art. I love "Old Man". very expressive.
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