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  1. How big are the molds? What kind of molds are they? Can you see any of the clay once its poured in or is it just a small opening?
  2. I used to use weebly and it made me mad all the time. The stupidest details weren't customizable when everything else was, so some element of my site would stand out and clash. I'm sure there were other reasons as well but I haven't really thought about it in a while. I use wix now and it is fully customizable. But if you just want to use a template, either is probably fine for your purposes. You can go on either website for free and look around at the options and even start to make a website that you just, obviously, can't publish until you get a domain. Domains aren't expensive.
  3. I'm not an expert in jury submissions but I have some expertise in photography. In my opinion these are almost good enough. Mostly the background isn't quite cutting it. I can see a crease running through a couple of the backgrounds, and its too wrinkly on the table. Someone else might have some alternatives to the background but I use professional seamless paper and don't have a lot of other ideas. The only other thing I've had some success with was shooting against a white wall with my pieces sitting on glass or a white surface, but that can bring in a lot of other issues. Your lighting i
  4. What I'm specifically referring to is when the accepted media list includes all 2d and then, simply, "sculpture" without any mention of what they mean by that, and ceramics or pottery are not listed as options. Its all stemming from the sense of feeling sort of left out of a lot of things, since so many things are only open to 2d work, and the hope that "sculpture" is inviting ceramics into it as referring to anything 3d. I'm also looking primarily at gallery exhibitions rather than craft show/art fair type things for the time being. I do tend to shy away from asking as I would rather not b
  5. I ask on the topic of applying to exhibitions which is why I put it in this forum section. There's always the list of accepted media and some say "ceramics" some "pottery" but some just say "sculpture". I often wonder if I can just call a vase a sculpture. Applications, as you all know, cost money; so I don't want to apply to things that I just shouldn't. I have seen one person, on Instagram, showing some pieces that were accepted into a show as sculpture which are most certainly vases, and she called them vases before she started talking about them being in the show. But they have those t
  6. I did end up making a new set and glazing and firing both. The pre-vitrified pieces definitely had enough problems that they would have been unusable; one glaze crawled, one was just too thin, and on one of the insides the middle/bottom kept getting essentially cleaned off when I applied a new layer of underglaze and so it was awkwardly blank. Of course my favorite piece out of all of them was from the set that got messed up - one of them was perfect - but I can't use it because I need a set. Perhaps I'll just keep it, because I love it. Thanks for the help!
  7. Well that's a real bummer to hear but I appreciate it! I'm trying to decide now if its worth all the bother or if I should just go with finishing them up a totally different way.
  8. I've re-glazed something that's already been glazed before (once and under very different circumstances) but I've never glazed something that's been fired to cone 6 before glazing. I know that you can, but I don't know what to expect. Should the results be basically the same? I'm using all commercial glazes and these will, uncharacteristically, not include any combining or layering. The kiln only contained one project, for applying to something on the 28th, so technically I should have time to make new ones, but not to glaze these and then make new ones.
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