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  1. 49 minutes ago, LeeU said:

    Hope you keep popping in from time to time/me-with pics & a little commentary of course.

    Hey LeeU,

    I always stop by and read forums every few weeks. My life has just been a whirlwind in the last year or so. New kid, new job, covid, and a bunch of other nonsense. I still make pots here and there, but as always everytime I try to get started to go into production mode something else comes up!

    I am currently working on some new glazes and changing aesthetic from my white glaze black slip work that I have been doing to something similar but different. 

    This thread was good because it reminded me I want to side fire these pots!

  2. @EliseR

    Hello. I am just replying here so that it keeps the content public. The results went well. I bought two large boxes of shells that are flat from a dealer that someone messaged me about on Instagram a year or so ago. The shells are nice and stinky from the ocean. The marks turn out very nice, however, the flashing depends on the glaze you use and it's sensitivity to additional flux.

    Here are some pictures of the marks





  3. As someone who has worked with a bazillion dark clays, almost every single one commercially on the market, find another clay body that has similar looks but is formulated better. It isn't worth the time to try to figure this bisque and results out because of the poor quality of clay ingredients. Honestly, you can search through my nightmares with bloating here somewhere. I did everything humanly possible and they would still randomly appear on my work now and then, it just isn't worth your time. Before you do search for another clay, borrow someones white clay or porcelain/white clay and fire this same glaze on it; then alongside the porcelain fire some new works with clay pictured and see if the dark clay bloats and blisters and the white/porcelain clay doesn't. If it doesn't then you instantly narrow down that isn't an overfiring issue but a clay issue, or a clay/glaze issue combined. Either way this is the place to start before you start modifying all your bisques and firing schedules without simply trying this first.

  4. If you want to make them yourself then this is exactly what I would do:

    1. Call around local pottery places that have lessons/teaching.
    2. Tell them you only want to learn to throw a mug and nothing else in the most kind way possible as not to insult them, and that you have a final project in mind for your wedding. I would just have the handle extruded, this is plenty good and will make them match a lot better than learning to pull a handle on top of this project.
    3. After learning to throw a mug well enough to make you happy, show them this picture and then move into glazing.
    4. Make like 5 sets of these and then keep only the best one, hammer the rest and thank the teacher profusely. 

  5. Is there a good source for news for the pottery world? Like glaze breakthroughs, research, experimentation etc? I really like these things, but I can't locate a good source besides individual potters blogs. I am curious if anyone knew of a good one? I wouldn't even mind a good magazine or two if I could find one that was on these types of topic and isn't mostly advertisements. 


  6. Does anyone know of any manufacturers that would be willing to mix in ingredients into their clay body at a commercial level? For example if I ordered say 1 ton of clay, do you think they would mix in course grog and feldspar chips? I am doing all of this by hand and I am pretty certain this is the future of my work, but its a massive undertaking every day to wedge in course grog and grit every single time before I throw. I don't mind doing it, I am getting some big muscles, but I would much rather just open the bag and get to it.

    I haven't been able to find any clay with these types of additions already added, which makes sense because I doubt any other cone 6 potters want this type of crap in their clay, but I do!

    Anyone have any ideas? For now I am just going to continue manually doing it I guess. 

    I just love the way the clay throws with the added course grog as well as the grit, it makes throwing it so delicate and trimming it reveals this beautiful madness within as chunks of grit and clay pull away. Then I coat it with my formulated black crackling slip and I can't get enough!



  7. 25 minutes ago, liambesaw said:

    Not throwing shade or anything, I've just been a dental lab tech for 16 years and now I'm not allowed to be one for 2 months.  Was a sandwich artist before that ;)

    Wife is a dental hygienist and she is home for the next 3 weeks and probably longer! Everyone is struggling. Starbucks just decided to allow 30 days paid time off for all their employees, but I haven't taken it yet. I don't want to leave my coworkers working understaffed and not having the people on the floor to wash their hands because they are in a rush. Times are hard, lots of tough decisions to be made. 

    On the bright side, making pots is great stress relief! 

  8. I work a job at Starbucks just for insurance. The environment is fun as well and it keeps me young, I learn all kinds of cool phrases like throwing shade, and no cap! I might move up given enough time, but there is no reason to think less of anyone working any kind of job as lesser or not as honorable as Tom said. Do whatever you gotta do to take care of the family!

    Hopefully things improve quickly for the USA and the rest of the world too.

  9. On 2/17/2020 at 10:01 AM, CactusPots said:

    Yikes!  Have you ever thrown Peter King clay?  That's what you'd have if you tried throwing a clay that had this kind of "tooth".   Take your fingerprints off for sure.

    No I haven't, but I throw clay with course grog, chicken grit and sand. It just takes a different approach.

    Did you ever figure this out?

  10. 16 hours ago, Stephen said:

    now do you mean my 'shorts' as in around my waist or stock picks B) 

    Yeah it's been a bloodbath in our accounts, I keep trying to encourage my wife to stop looking at it. I do remember that most of the damage in 08 was a fading memory in a few years. Within that last 5 years ya really need to start moving out of stocks. The recovery window is just too short.

    Unless you and your family are retiring soon, I wouldn't worry to much about it, enjoy the dividends and continue to invest. That is what I am doing, but I am 30+ years from retirement so I am not worrying about my portfolio at all. It sucks to see the massive amount of money that has disappeared if I were to sell today, but the thing is I have no plans to sell anytime soon. The market will eventually recover, and as I age I will continue to move more into bonds as everyone should as they near retirement.

    I keep telling everyone to just enjoy your family, turn off the news and try to relax. Get outside and work on the yard, do your hobbies, or make more pots! The news can bring you down into the worst places possible, avoid it like Corona virus. Pick a news venue you trust for good information and spend 10-15 minutes at the end of the day getting all the important parts and let the rest go.


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