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  1. Falcon heavy launch, probably the best thing I have seen all year.

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    2. LeeU


      Envy.  As a kid, I saw a mid-'50's rocket launch from the swamp (with quicksand--I remember my aunt warning me not to go wading) directly across from Cape Canaveral. Have never forgotten the awe and majesty of that. I think about that uplifting (pun intended) experience sometimes when I am feeling really down about the idiocy/greed/hatefulness of the human species. 

    3. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      Would love to see one in person, it was awesome just watching the live stream.

    4. Denice


      My husband, son and I were vacationing in Orlando and went to see a Space shuttle launch.  They had been having trouble with the shuttle so launches weren't happening very often.  We took a chance and got up at 3 in the morning and drove to a look out point.   They almost cancel it three times and then decided to launch,  the roar of the engine was impressive but the shaking of the ground so far away was amazing.  We could have been a launch guest,  my husband's second cousin was head of the space shuttle program.  We decided to watch from a distance and not bother him even though other family members had.  My in-laws were special guest to see the Hubble telescope launched into space.    Denice

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