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    Benzine got a reaction from liambesaw in What’s on your workbench?   
    @liambesaw are those mugs in a damp box of sorts?
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    Benzine reacted to Pres in Open top pitcher not pouring   
    Your rounded rim is not so much a problem, but the entire spout set up is. There are a few steps you can take to make it work better:
    start the throat of the pitcher about a third of the way down the form. use the thumb and curved forefinger to shape the spout once the shape you have presently by pulling upwards with the thumb inside the spout and the curved forefinger outside, use lots of water and pull so that the spout rises and things slightly. .  not so thin as to become weak, just enough to shape and thin the rim. Lastly on the spout use a damp finger on the inside of the spout rubbing back and forth to slightly widen the spout where at the rim. Last step is to use the finger around the untouched rim to move it slightly lower than the area of the spout, this I usually do on the wheel with the wheel speed slow, first finger inside hooked over the top .  
    Hope my description is helpful, 
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    Benzine reacted to Pres in What’s on your workbench?   
    I would vote on a red clay with wax resist or some other resist as you can see the change in thickness in the white areas.
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    Benzine reacted to Callie Beller Diesel in What’s on your workbench?   
    I made a thing. 

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    Benzine reacted to liambesaw in What’s on your workbench?   
    Mugs mugs mugs.  Gonna do another 45 this week and then work on some other things.  Been chasing around a teapot idea for a while so we will give that a shot.  In the meantime, mugs mugs mugs

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    Benzine reacted to glazenerd in Vitrification and Glaze Fit Issues with Cone 10 Glacia   
    your option 2 will work. Powder down your reclaim: you only need 500 grams. Make 4-100 grams test samples. 
    Bar 1 add 5% Nep Sy. Bar 2 Add 10%  Bar 3 15% and Bar 4 20%  all four are flat tiles. Fire them flat on a kiln washed shelf to avoid plucking. Then run absorption test on each one- be sure to note on each bar the Nep Sy addition. Whatever level produces 2% or under absorption level-use that to fix the rest.  You only need to do this test once: assuming all your reclaim has had the same prior results.
    From this point, weigh out dry reclaim in bulk: do not need to powder it down.  EX. 10,000 grams of dried reclaim x 10% Nep Sy = 1000 gram flux addition. From this point, slurry it down as usual. Or pug..  
    Sounds like operator error at the factory!  Although I hear more and more instances of clay misbehaving. Not impossible they dug through a vein at the mine with much lower sodium content- Custer went through that in the 90's. There are some ball clays that have changed, as well as some fire clays- it happens. Clay supplier on the East coast has been having tackiness issues, drying issues. From my testing they have dug through a vein of smecite deposited in the ball clay field.
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    Benzine got a reaction from Pres in interesting results   
    I had a handle crack like that, but only when I tried to dry it to quickly, to get it in a kiln load, not during a firing.
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    Benzine reacted to GEP in Got clay?   
    I’ve considered this idea too, but the hard part is not walking down the stairs with a 50# box. The hard part is lifting the 50# box off the ground. Once I am standing upright again with the box, walking down the stairs is easy. So a slide does not eliminate the hard part. And if the slide deposits the boxes on the ground at the bottom, you have to pick it up off the ground twice. 
    This is another reason why I stopped having my clay delivered. Delivered clay lands on my driveway on a pallet. It is much more effort to pick up a 50# box from a pallet, compared to picking it up from the deck of a minivan. It’s surprising how much easier when you don’t have to bend down as far. 
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    Benzine reacted to Mark C. in Got clay?   
    Yes thats why I do not have the 10 tons dropped off on my road.
    Its far easier to pull the boxes off my 4X4 high pickup tailgate inside my clay shed than stooping over low pallets on the road and having to walk the boxes.
    You learn fast when you move clay-on how to move clay the least amount.
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    Benzine reacted to GEP in Got clay?   
    My minivan can carry up to 1450# of cargo, so I buy 1000# of clay at a time. I do this three times per year. My supplier is only 45 minutes away. I still get a decent price break at 1000#. A delivery costs $50, which negates any savings from buying a ton. Plus, all of my clay needs to be carried down into a basement, one box at a time. 1000# is only 20 boxes, which is not that big of a job. I have done 40 boxes in a day plenty of times, and it’s a big difference in terms of energy needed. Overall, these proportions work well for me, my car, my back, my legs, my studio. 
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    Benzine reacted to liambesaw in interesting results   
    Don't get me wrong, I see 36 mugs and a vase in terms of time and effort spent, but what can I do about it? Well, next time I'm not gonna use that schedule, that's for sure!  All I can do is learn and move on.  Yes there is a certain arrogance in wanting the things you make to be perfect.  The things you make are a reflection of you, so they should be important.  Nothing wrong with that, but at the same time there's nothing that can be done.  Shikata ga nai my wife would tell me, or c'est la vie, or it is what it is. My 5 year old would be quick to tell me "you git what you git and you don't throw a fit".
    Anyway, back to the drawing board for me and Babs, let's see if we can't make our next firing our best.
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    Benzine got a reaction from preeta in Best ceramic apron/smock?   
    I see what you did there...
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    Benzine reacted to neilestrick in Crazing disaster   
    That's a really great piece!
    Maybe coat the whole thing in a layer of resin?
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    Benzine reacted to Mark C. in Do show in pouring rain or bail?   
    I do a show in the PNW . Its about an hour and a few minutes north of Seattle. Its my 25th year at this show. Its the Anacortes Art festival in early August.For me its a great show . I run a double booth.
    The best shows are in locations that only have one art show year in the area as they are well supported by the community . The only downside is its a commsion show-but on the upside its for  local art education and other local causes .Not a private promoter.
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    Benzine reacted to neilestrick in Best ceramic apron/smock?   
    I totally agree. Figure out what you need and have it made. When I worked for A.R.T. Clay, the denim aprons that we sold were made by a local seamstress.
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    Benzine reacted to Pres in Best ceramic apron/smock?   
    I have an apron that I wear all when I remember it in the shop, which is most days. It is made in England and now offered in the states through the Bill Van Gilder Pottery supply. It is made of some sort of light weight material that resists water, washes off easily, dries quickly, and has a clip area for a towel/rag to wipe hands on. It also has split leg covers and over the shoulder straps with an adjustable back clip.  
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    Benzine reacted to neilestrick in Where Does 3D Printing Fit?   
    I don'tI agree with that. As long as the artist is creating his/her own original designs and molds, I don't have a problem with slip cast pieces being in a show. Same with 3D printed, as long as the artists is designing his/her own work. It's no different than photography.
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    Benzine reacted to neilestrick in Where Does 3D Printing Fit?   
    There are others who print directly with ceramic. On Instagram check out EarlyAmericanRobotPottery, or search 3dprintedceramics.
    I tend to think of printing directly with ceramic as high speed coil building, however it's still slower than most other processes used with clay. For most potters it removes the part of working with clay that drew them to the craft in the first place- working with clay. I appreciate it as a building method, but I have no interest in pursuing it myself. I didn't become a potter so I can work with computers. I think they're every bit as hand made as the wood signs cut with a router, or digital photographs/ digital art. You still have to have a creative mind, and a good eye for design, even if the printer is doing the actual building of the piece.
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    Benzine reacted to liambesaw in Where Does 3D Printing Fit?   
    There are already many people doing this.  Hammerly ceramics is one guy who is probably most popular.  He prints a 3d master and then makes plaster molds to duplicate it in porcelain.  This is going to be the fastest, easiest and most economical way to 3d print ceramics.  
    As to where they fit in?  No idea, I don't think they look particularly great or involve a lot of effort, but people certainly buy them!  I'm wondering how local art shows will handle them, since they usually have an agreement that items being sold need to be hand made, an obviously these are made by a computer.  I think a better application for 3d printed ceramics would be in industrial ceramic insulators and such, since it's much more precise.
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    Benzine reacted to elaine clapper in Best ceramic apron/smock?   
    When I was teaching high school I was just always dusty, it was a given.  But I did have a student who kept a set of mechanics overalls he put on over his clothes when it was his day on the wheel. That was the best overall solution.
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    Benzine got a reaction from Rae Reich in Pugmill for concrete?   
    I don't know of anyone, who has ever tried it, but I'm going to say, go ahead and not do that.
    Even if the concrete doesn't have a lot of larger aggregate, the hard bits, like the sand is going to tear up the inside of the pug mill. 
    Sure, some clay has grog,  but that's generally a lot finer than the sand in concrete. 
    On top of that, concrete is slightly caustic, which could pit the inside of the pugmill, more than clay would.
    Then there's the issue of cleaning it fully, so the dried concrete doesn't ruin it...
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    Benzine reacted to neilestrick in Amaco Liquid underglazes   
    Many blue glazes and underglazes use raw cobalt, which is pink or purple in color. It won't go blue until it's fired. Most other underglazes use stains, which are basically the same color before and after firing. Underglazes can change color a bit depending on which glaze you are putting over them, though. It's best to run a test first before committing to putting them on your work.
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    Benzine got a reaction from Babs in Do show in pouring rain or bail?   
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    Benzine got a reaction from Denice in Do show in pouring rain or bail?   
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    Benzine got a reaction from JohnnyK in Drain sink to outside - Any enviro/health concerns?   
    A better idea, would be to put in a trap, that way only the water is draining out.
    If you do a forum search, you will find a lot of discussions of various commercially-made traps, as well as ways to make your own.
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