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  1. Use a pic editor like MS Picture Manager. Rotate then compress to document size then save as something else.
  2. Nerd Have you tried editing the pic and using the "rotate image" option in the editor?
  3. Ron wouldn't the Selsor Red be a reduction Copper Red? Email Standard and ask them for the characteristics of the clay in question.
  4. If you put the wheel on the wood deck it may vibrate. Many, many years ago I tried this. The deck was solid but 12 feet off the ground. While pulling up the walls the wheel would vibrate and it was the only thing moving on the deck.
  5. Min, Tom's recipe without the Zircopax now has coe = 7.14 in my desktop Insight.
  6. Tom's recipe entered into my desktop Insight comes out with coe = 7.18 ??? These different coe from the same recipe using the same software caused from differences in materials database?
  7. Ron, beautiful Floating Blue!! Love the little swirls. Hope someone can answer the Copper Carb/ Crazing question...
  8. anchorman I saw a VPM-25 at work. The chamber had to be full before it would mix any clay. Otherwise, the clay spins in the chamber.
  9. Marko, thank You. The middle of the paten is Watercolor Blue. Yes, Pete's Seafoam over Strontium Crystal Magic Cool. Take all of your glazes and divide them into iron and non-iron. Then try them over SCMC Iron and SCMC Cool. You will be amazed at the addition of color to your palette.
  10. Nerd, I often wonder what is my style. It seems to be all over the place. Thank You.
  11. Thank you Joseph for your kind words.
  12. Cool. Marko. Very nice shape. I too just made my first chalice and paten for my wife. She has just gotten her own church and needed the chalice and paten. Don't you love waterfall brown? Try it over strontium crystal matte for Iron. Every glaze kiln load has at least 1 piece with waterfall brown.
  13. I was using the trash can spray booth. Dark and small. Now have a 3 ft cube. Shower base - $104 1x4 ~$20, coroplast (plastic cardboard) - $30 VEGA filters from Amazon - $11 bathroom exhaust fan - $11 18 inch LED under cabinet light - $15 tube of silicone caulk - $5 Scrape 2x4's and OSB board for the table. This booth has been used 4 times. Roomy, bright, light weight, easy clean up. I was thinking the fan was too small, 50cfm, but it worked nicely. Much more room with this booth. Can actually stick my head and shoulders in this booth to get up close. The bucket under the booth
  14. OldLady put 3 ounces of water per 100 grams of dry material.
  15. This Cone 6 Dolomite Matte Base Glaze uses calcined EPK. https://digitalfire.com/4sight/recipes/cone_6_dolomite_matte_base_glaze_121.html
  16. Joseph F, I too have State Farm. I met with my agent a couple of months ago. Told them I was doing pottery. Nothing was said about a kiln on premises. My situation is a little different as the pottery is an unattached building. But it is only 30 feet from the house. I wonder how hobby welders or metalsmiths are handled by their homeowners ins?
  17. Only time I got S cracks was when testing a white, fine-grained stoneware. Out of 45 test cups, 8 had S cracks to show only after glaze fire. The S cracks were because of very thin bottoms and sloppy throwing in not mopping water out of the bottom after each pull. My everyday tan fine-grained clay seems very forgiving. Never an S crack.
  18. Old Lady the trays look great. Nice even color and a beautiful color, both of them. Agreed, the cobalt did not do so well. I am testing white satin matte glaze removing the zircopax then adding 0.3% cobalt in 1 test and 0.3% copper in another. Will let you know what comes out.
  19. AndreaB, Use the link in Min's post. The measuring of glaze per piece is explained in the PDF. Also, at the end of the PDF is a table with sizes of pots and their area. It gives recommendations on how much glaze to use per 100 square centimeters. Example: bowl is 26 cm in diameter, so its inside area is about 750 square centimetres. And the glaze we’re using needs about 6 mL to 100 square centimetres, so we need 7.5 x 6 = 45 mL approx Let’s use 50 mL
  20. Thank You. The profile was incorporated while forming using a credit card with the profile cut into it. Drilled 2 holes into the credit card then finished the profile with scalpel blade. One of the most used profiles.
  21. From the album: Evolution

    The exterior is MC6 Waterfall Brown over scmw.
  22. The seat is really comfortable. Remove the gas cylinder that comes with it and get a bar stool height gas cylinder. I removed the back support from mine. Saw Steven Hill in a workshop. He uses a drummer's seat, big and wide.
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