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  1. Nice save for this salvaged pot! Do see a little warpage or is that camera angle? Oatmeal glaze?
  2. dhPotter


    Love this pastel color!
  3. Love the pastel colors. Looks like some crystal growth also.
  4. Test on test tiles - save the good stuff till the test tiles prove what you want to do. Less depressing...
  5. If it scratches the plate it is sitting on, as in a stacked manner, - then the plate's glaze is not durable and should not be on the plate in the first place.
  6. Lbegley the schedule is for raw glazing. I do not bisque unless I need some calcined EPK. And then the bisqued bowls go right in with the raw glazed ware and glaze fires with the same schedule. I too took a workshop from Steven Hill 2 years ago. The main difference i see between his schedule and mine, is on the downfire, he holds at 1700*F for 60 minutes, I do not.
  7. Denice, which way was the fan blowing? Up?
  8. Thank You Roberta12 and Denice. These are fun to make. 2 pounds of clay.
  9. SH copper Ash on the lip, SCMW spots on the texture, Waterfall Brown then Butterscotch.
  10. Pete's Seafoam over SCMC - nice light turquoise; Satin Matte green over SCMC; Shatz blue Matte over SCMC - goes green and blue depends on thickness; Bright Sky Blue over SCMC; Frost Green over SCMC; Val's Turquoise over SCMC - nice crystals; Spearmint over SCMC - nice crystals; Varigated Slate Blue over SCMC - greens and blues depending on thickness. Silky Matte Blue, Tony Hansen's G1214Z base, over SCMC; Carmen Turquoise and Turquoise Satin Matte over SCMC both looked good on Laguna WC607 - looks like crap over WC609 - real dry and rough. Licorice over SCMW; Red Orange over SCMW;
  11. Normally SCMC is for cool colors, blues and greens. SCMW is for warm colors, browns, reds. I use both of these glazes extensively. Here is my firing schedule that produces Zero pinholes and a good bit of crystals. Glaze cone 6... Segment Rate F*/HR Temp Hold 1 200 220 30-60 2 100 500 0 3 400 2050 0 4 108 2185^ 15 5 9999 2085 20 6 9999 1700 0 7 50 1600 60 8 50
  12. Thank you, JohnnyK, yes it is. Glazed the platter then set the bowl on it to glaze fire. I'm thinking to get a better seal would be to put a little glaze on the bottom of the bowl also. There is 1 spot between bowl and platter where you can almost put a fingernail into.
  13. Yes OldLady, once you get the glaze thickness dialed in, which took me a long time, it all goes pretty easy and consistent.
  14. OldLady, Thank You. No handle on the other one. Satin Matte Green - I thought it was a Tony Hansen base but it is not. Not sure where I found this glaze. Over Strontium Crystal Matte Cool. The rim is SH Copper Ash. The foot is Hsin Matte Black.
  15. A sugar, dry creamer, wet creamer and serving tray.
  16. I have always heard that when the sheen from the dip of the first glaze is gone then dip the 2nd glaze. Not to wait till the first dip is dry because the water from the 2nd dip will de-laminate the first dip glaze from the pot. This sounds like what happened to you.
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