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  1. This about 30 pieces from the 47 pieces. Will load the kiln at lunch break today and start it up to fire the other 17 or so pieces. The goblets will be in this firing. They take nearly half of the 27 inches of the kiln interior height.
  2. This is from GlazeNerd's comments on this forum awhile back... Additive for Reclaim Clay How do you determine the level of ball clay the recipe had to begin with? The Slip Test When you throw the original clay: how much slip comes up and on your hands? Coats just the inside of your palms and oozes through your fingers over time.... lower levels. Coats your palms, and oozes; have to clean a few time while throwing.... mid levels Oozes quickly and constantly cleaning off hands....... high levels. Most of the reclaimed scraps is from trimming; which
  3. 2 drying in the closet with the rest ready for spray glaze. Will actually bisque fire the big bowl in the drying closet - need some calcined EPK and need to bisque some more pendants.
  4. Making and using my own pottery is my own R&D lab. I do not consciously look at the shape of my hand or lips. It has taken a few years to work out the discomforts of my designs. I detest a mug that dribbles, so lots of R&D on the perfect rim for drinking, close but still not there. With me it is all about how to hold a piece. My hand arthritis dictates that the piece is easy to hold and does not strain the hands. It is pretty cool to make something then use it to find it doesn't work so well. Humbles one rather quickly. Wished I had taken an industrial/ manufacturing design course, or
  5. My firing schedule does not look "quartz inversion friendly". I have always wondered why no clay problems with the firing schedule, going up, blowing past the 1063*F temp?? I can understand when coming down in temp because the kiln is cooling slowly all by itself. None of the broken pots show any clay problems. An evenly thrown bowl has a nice ring to it when rapped with a piece of wooden broom handle. Is the 1063*F on the way up something to be concerned about or just keep on keeping on? Thanks
  6. My wife's creation/ influence.
  7. A mirror and a dampbox are 2 tools that improved my productivity greatly. And cut down on the anxiety of making as a part timer.
  8. I would try adding clay to the glaze recipe. Clay helps the glaze adhere to the pot. Whatever your glaze calls for , EPK or Ball Clay, add 5%. See if this helps, If not add 5% more.
  9. I don't know how else to tell the kiln to naturally cool while in the middle of a firing schedule. This is how to program a Bartlett V6-CF controller. Your controller may have a different command it uses to free fall cool.
  10. The hardest part for me was to remember to have completely dry hands when handling greenware while glazing. It took me about 5 kiln loads of spraying glaze to figure out the thickness of glaze to properly apply and to figure out the proper Specific Gravity. Closed forms, mugs and pitchers, have the interior poured then spray all of these vessels upside down on a pedestal. This helps to keep overspray out the interior. Bowls are sprayed upside down to spray the outside then flipped over to spray the interiors. Take a look at my gallery and you will see all sorts of forms being sprayed and so th
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