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  1. Oldlady that is a spot of Strontium Crystal Magic Cool with Pete Seafoam over it. The "brown" glaze is Red Orange that will go shiny copper if the glaze is not layered over or under any other glaze. Looks like a brand new penny.
  2. A lesson learned... The last weekend in February was the last time I touched a kiln load of pots ready for single-fire glazing. Around June 6th is when I started to glaze. I pour the liners on mugs and pitchers. Then begin to spray the exteriors. 2 days after pouring a thin crack appeared in 2 pieces. I looked in the Hamer book and found out the crack is from readsorption. We had a very rainy spring with periods of extreme dry weather. The pottery shop had the windows open during this time. I took me about 2 weeks to glaze the pieces and 29 test glazes. Kiln was fired June 17. I have
  3. Not a back-fill person. I tried it on a batch of mugs. did the bottom attachment and not the top. It looked good but did not put this process into the workflow. However, after seeing Callie's pic of the white mug, I like that a lot. I make the dogbone handle from a slab, The upper attachment point looks a lot like the white mug pic. Adding the filler sure makes the pot complete, slick, and to me, highly professional looking.
  4. So you cut the, I'll call it a" scorpion" , out of the vinyl flooring then you glued it to another piece of vinyl flooring?
  5. Thank you Fred for doing the leg work...
  6. Thanks Fred for the video! OldLady my spray booth uses a shower base and plastic cardboard for the walls and ceiling. It is NOT waterfall but only takes 15 minutes to clean using a garden hose and a large bucket situated under the drain hole in the shower base. The bucket gets heavy with water and I use a dolly to move it outside to empty. Total about $160. This amount included a 50 cfm fan. This fan was woefully underpowered. Found a 160 cfm fan. This fan cost about as much as all the other materials combined! I think my setup can be converted to waterfall. Need the sump pump and tu
  7. Do you back fill handles at the attachment point? If so, is it for aesthetic or structural reasons?
  8. dhPotter


    Very nice. I had taken Selsor temmoku, John Britt ^6 book, and added 5% magnesium Carb to get this same effect, Gold sparkles.
  9. Callie love the compost bucket!! Have been using an old big bowl with no lid - great idea. Glad to know someone else who makes their own stock.
  10. A kiln load has been waiting for a month to be glazed and single-fired. After work and weekends have been building a chicken coop with double chicken run. Been raining so much have really put construction behind. Chicks arrive May 8.
  11. A sculpture teacher told us we create things along our own body frame. If you are tall and thin you will make tall and thin. If you have broad shoulders or a pot belly you will make with broad shoulders or a pot belly.
  12. Fantastic Negrito plays a good bit on BluesVille on Sirius/XM. BluesVille is my goto channel. But when throwing or glazing, same as Joseph F, I like listening to the techno or trance, which is Electric Area on Sirius/XM - they really get cranked up on Friday nights.
  13. This is PRETTY. It has so many textures. I can see rubbing my hand all over it while drinking from it. Keep it up, Joseph F. Looking good!
  14. Sputty, Holds the chill longer? The drinks seem colder and the second drink is definitely colder - less ice.
  15. Yes it does. Could not find a pic of Matt Long's whiskey cup. I have his video where he shows how to make this. Here is my knock-off whiskey cup.
  16. If the wall was pulled up and in a bit and the rim not scallop the shape would be similar to Matt Long's whiskey cup.
  17. I like the word slurry better than slop. People slop hogs.
  18. Calculate 3 ounces of water per 100 grams of dry material. Then use a few ounces less so you can add if need be. 200 grams calculates to 6 ounces of water. Use 4 ounces to start, then make adjustments.
  19. Earlier this year I shared a Steven Hill workshop with Helene. She had ^6 light colored clay for her pieces to spray and fire. In the Gallery 2 bottom right pic is her friend and clay artist Beth. They are both from North Mississippi.
  20. Why in the world would you want to politicize your pottery? There is so much of that crap in the world. I look at pottery and art as an escape from the goofiness of the world. Drinking coffee from a handmade mug instead of reading or seeing something political on the mug I would rather enjoy the texture or colors. So, yes I resist to get political in my art, making it or enjoying it.
  21. Most definitely, She is not your cat, you are her human. Green glaze looks great.
  22. The thing about using Britt's book - the glazes have been tried and trued. All you have to do is mix them up. Sure you need to test to see if they will work with your clay. But it is not like you are inventing the wheel. The heavy lifting has been done for you. Get the book and look through it. Figure out which glazes you would like to try. Get the materials needed. There probably are only a handful of materials you really need. After testing the glazes by themselves, then do what Neil suggested, layer them to see what falls out as nice. Say you have 8 glazes. Take a cylinder and divide it int
  23. No matter what kind of clay you use - get rid of the canvas. Use cement board, the stuff used for tiled showers.
  24. The students can work right on the cement board. The cement board will need plywood backing to be strong enough. Place 1/2 inch plywood on the table then screw the cement board onto the plywood. Also, the cement board will suck the moisture out of the clay. Might want to wipe down the cement board prior to working on it.
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