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  1. Finished putting handles on yesterday. I think my handles qualify under the "Ear" classification. My handles are slab made. Cut a dogbone shape then curve it in the shape of an ear. I never really looked at it like an ear, but the ear shape it is. Since the backfill thread, I have been backfilling top and bottom connections. Glaze was piling up at the connection points because I would always paint 2 coats then spray a bit. Now with the backfill it looks a lot better. I still brush on 2 coats prior to spraying, but the glaze doesn't gather in the deep V created from the attachment. Yes it takes
  2. Pres, your hands sound like mine. On both hands I have bone on bone where the thumb connects to the hand. Bone spurs, also. I too, cannot pull handles anymore. I could, but it would ruin my hands for a couple of days. My handles are slab made. Any pinching action with the thumbs is painful. Just as you had suggested Pres, if my hands are busy in clay throwing, they don't ache so much as if they are idle. As a programmer, I'm hammering on the keyboard all day but something about clay is soothing to the hands. For every movement made with my hands I first analyze how that my affect the use of my
  3. Oldlady that is a spot of Strontium Crystal Magic Cool with Pete Seafoam over it. The "brown" glaze is Red Orange that will go shiny copper if the glaze is not layered over or under any other glaze. Looks like a brand new penny.
  4. A lesson learned... The last weekend in February was the last time I touched a kiln load of pots ready for single-fire glazing. Around June 6th is when I started to glaze. I pour the liners on mugs and pitchers. Then begin to spray the exteriors. 2 days after pouring a thin crack appeared in 2 pieces. I looked in the Hamer book and found out the crack is from readsorption. We had a very rainy spring with periods of extreme dry weather. The pottery shop had the windows open during this time. I took me about 2 weeks to glaze the pieces and 29 test glazes. Kiln was fired June 17. I have
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