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  1. Hey Mark,

    You said recently that you are going to be at the upcoming event in Davis this weekend. Where are you gong to be set up and how many days are you going to be there? If I can break away, I would like to come by and meet you...


    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      My booth number is N7 on the north side of UC  Davis quad.Show is this Friday-Saturdaty and Sunday-Sunday am is the sleepiest  time. Booth is Liscom Hill Pottery_I'm doing the show solo.

      The show starts at noon Friday and runs until 4 pm on Sunday -closes at 6 pm Friday and Saturday .

      You will need to walk in to campus. 

      Been doing this show since the middle 90s

      Only have a few left in me. Looks like this will be warm weekend.



    2. Min


      If you just look for the long line of people queuing up to pay you'll find Mark.

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