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    Home Made Kiln Controller

    I have always been interested in electronics, still remember designing and making PCB back in school. The availability of good reasonably priced electronics is amazing, also a lot of rubbish out there too Did a bit of research into the Raspberry Pi last night and thermocouple measuring. Came across this product that is designed for a type K thermocouple, not the best for cone 10, but, after searching the forum if I can desolder the type K chip and purchase the right thermocouple type it 'should' work. Is it best to go for type S, or type N or type R. I am a little lost there. New chip seems to be around $5 No idea how this is going to work out, only studied basic programming on linux but there seem to be enough tutorials out there to copy and past my way to something that could work. http://www.adafruit.com/products/269
  2. High Bridge Pottery

    Fluke Pyrometer question - need correct Thermocouple!

    Sounds like it is a dodgy thermocouple then if the Fluke is reading fine with the other probe.
  3. High Bridge Pottery

    Fluke Pyrometer question - need correct Thermocouple!

    It measures the voltage output not the resistance of the wire. I think with the wire connecting to the thermocouple you don't want to use certain types of metals because they can interfere with the reading as adding another type of metal can create its own voltage. @Rex Johnson If you could measure accurately what mV are output by the thermocouple you could work out if it's the thermocouple or the meter. Are you sure the meter hasn't selected the wrong type of thermocouple because mine has an option to select which type you have. My guess is the very thin wire is two wires, did you open the connector to see if there's two? The voltage is also non-linear so I think cheaper meters don't take that into account so can give you wrong readings. I remember in writing my kiln software I had to add an equation to 'straighten' the line.
  4. After 1.5~ years working as a receptionist and saving money I have moved to Stoke-on-Trent to find a job in a pottery factory :lol:

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    2. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      Found a job as a belt attendant, lots of moving and stacking pots in the decorating department :lol: not the most exciting work but better than answering the phone.

    3. JohnnyK


      It's a foot in what may be a very big door for you...GOOD LUCK!

    4. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      YAY! Fanfreakingtastic! Best of luck to you.

  5. I find if I wiggle my head from side to side they can appear from the glowing mess as your brain picks up the outline of the cone. No easy answer, they are just difficult to see. Do you use any welding glasses for eye protection / decrease light and make it slightly easier.
  6. High Bridge Pottery

    Feldspar FFF?

    It's hard to tell but looking at Joe Thompson's other entries most seem to be a porcelain or white stoneware. Porcelain will certainly give you brighter colours. The tricalcium phosphate if I remember is giving you that colour of iron, would still be similar on stoneware I think.
  7. High Bridge Pottery

    Skutt Kiln transformer hum

    Transformers can make a humming sound. One of my kilns makes a slight hum/rattle when it is cold but once it hits 600c the noise goes. No controller so the elements are making the humming noise. Not the same issue I guess as you are not firing. I would try like DW says and tighten up the transformer to whatever it's screwed into. As long as nothing is getting hot I think you are ok with a slight hum.
  8. High Bridge Pottery

    Theoretical Glaze Components?

    They are both amorphous and crystalline until you observe them I take it to mean the pure form of a feldspar would be theoretical but you are never actually getting pure feldspar out the ground.
  9. In my head it seems easier to get enough oxygen for methane CH4 than propane C3H8 but that is just my armchair logic not very scientific. Just assuming shorter chain carbon molecules would be easier to get complete combustion. I haven't noticed any difference in reduction when firing with propane or methane. EDIT I did a little googling and it seems to be right. Propane needs more than double the oxygen for complete combustion. "The second difference is in the oxygen to gas ratio required for proper combustion. LPG requires an oxygen to gas ratio of approximately 25 to 1. Natural gas requires a ratio of around 10 to 1. To achieve this difference, LPG is typically provided in a smaller quantity but at a higher pressure, drawing more oxygen with it into the combustion process."
  10. From the album: Test

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    This is only a test, please do not panic
  12. From the album: Test

  13. From the album: Test

  14. From the album: Test

  15. High Bridge Pottery

    Help with raw glaze bubbles

    There is a good thread here but after trying to reread it now it is not the easiest thing to follow what's going on with some of my posts. If I was to sum it up in one post it would be this one below from curt. I think your glaze for me has too much silica and I would try switching to a potassium feldspar.
  16. From the album: Test

  17. From the album: Test

  18. High Bridge Pottery

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    Mark, you are the computer
  19. High Bridge Pottery

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    Managed to miss this post somehow, glad to see you are still going.
  20. High Bridge Pottery

    Just another electric to gas kiln conversion

    I did go from the circle hole the same size as the burner port to making it a square hole so it is a little bigger. Doesn't look like I posted a picture but there might be a post in there somewhere about it or I just never recorded that. I don't think that is an issue and more the flame path is just wrong in the kiln as that was one of the first things decided on. I have had the idea to rejig the flame path but never got round to it as the forced air burner gets me to cone10. The thread is still going but I just haven't had any time to fire the kiln, life is getting in the way of pottery atm. Glad it inspired you to go for the conversion, that's what it is there for, also as a way to record so I can look back at what I have done I have some special fleck clay around here somewhere that is fired in electric kiln / oxidation so I will try and update this post with a picture to see how it compares to your look. I think you are probably light on the reduction as that is the same issue I have had with half the kiln looking reduced and half looking oxidised. Even after your body reduction I would try and climb in a little reduction instead of removing the brick from the chimney completely.
  21. High Bridge Pottery

    Just another electric to gas kiln conversion

    Looks like it works a treat, makes me think the flow in my kiln must be all wrong.
  22. High Bridge Pottery

    Flint or Quartz? (uk suppliers)

    Not sure which supplier you are using but when I tried flint it was always a bit gritty and left lumps of flint in the fired glaze. Unless there is a massive price difference I would go with quartz. Pretty sure the glaze went through an 80 or 120 mesh but I am not 100% now. Get a bag of both and test
  23. Post your ideas for challenges here. Like peoples ideas for them to have a bigger chance of being selected for use. The more popular an idea the more likely it is to be chosen.
  24. High Bridge Pottery

    Bartlett Genesis on L&L E23T-3

    SP is the setpoint of the kiln, I can't remember if we ever found out what the Out values are. I am pretty sure the time is logged in 30 second increments so 0 is the start, 1 is 30 seconds in 2 in 1 minutes in and so on. I think you can only download the most recent firing but I could be wrong. With the thermocouple offset I think that means your thermocouple was not reading the right temperature to start with so you offset it to read the right temperature. No need to be adding or subtracting 58 to the temps when making your own programs.
  25. High Bridge Pottery

    Logging of kiln temperature to a computer?

    There's a few of us working on DIY kiln controllers over here. That certainly looks like a pretty easy option for logging temps to a computer.

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