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  1. I bet if you took a cross section the smooth ones would be full of bubbles. The pitting is just the beginning of them.
  2. So cool, would love to see them in person. Going to have to buy some SiC. It's interesting to look at them left to right increasing in silica. I wonder if the right side SiC contains as many bubbles hidden under the surface as the base tile.
  3. I have a sheet that goes up to 6 'flux', would be nice to add a few more just in case but I never got round to it. Also calculates 7by5 and 5by5 grids. Copy/edit away. It doesn't actually work really well for doing them in typical currie grid style but good for picking 4 corner glazes of whatever and working out each square. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11H0rugHScuaFXK1mg8xG_NJjIAUI33g3HBtsObT1AB0/edit?usp=sharing
  4. That's a lot less % than I was thinking, seems to make a noticeable change. @curt I feel it matches up with what I am noticing in general, more flux and less SiO2/Al2O3 is good for removing bubbles. Looking at the glaze I ran that had no visible bubbles it has 2.45 SiO2 and 0.34 Al2O3, also 0.18 B2O3 I think limit formula are looked at wrong a lot of the time, I see that a glaze with the lower limits is just as good as a glaze in the higher limits, it's more about ratio than boundary lines. A little while back Matt Katz was showing me Stull charts. Using that to compare my good glaze
  5. How much SiC is there in the glaze? It is a "refractory" thing so that work with the less melting and probably exasperates holding onto bubbles. I wonder if any of the carbon being oxidised out of the glaze, does that mean the glaze is being reduced then. Only speculating,
  6. I have done this when there's one glaze you want to run a lot of tests with. Mix up a big bucket to 1.5sg and then take out 240ml~ for each corner glaze. As long as you can measure the volume and it's well mixed I think it is accurate enough. (Weight of glaze - Volume of glaze) x (5/3) = Dry glaze : (360 - 240)x(5/3) = 200g dry glaze I use these numbers to get down to 75ml corner glaze instead and 25ml spare for when I mess something up.
  7. Browsing the job market again. Found a research and development technician role in my home town for a mainly Silicon Nitride ceramics company! Now to fail at getting an interview...

    1. Marcia Selsor
    2. Denice


      They would be lucky to have you as a researcher.

  8. @JBaymore Are they doing similar activities in point E and point H? They both say sculpting. It seems to me like point H may be because they sanded a plaster mould, didn't clean up and then brought the dust up the next day sculpting.
  9. Now that I have a closer look at the bottom rows of the white clay I can see they have glossy reflections and I was arse backwards. The smoothness of the top right squares is interesting. I wonder if you took a cross section would they be full of bubbles or not. There does seem to be a difference between the clay bodies but is it heatwork difference or clay difference. Probably a bit of both. The spots seem to appear where the bubbles disappear, could they be some artifact of the bubbles bursting on the surface.
  10. The more grids the better I can't see it anywhere but is alumina decreasing up the tile or increasing? Looks darker at the bottom to me so that should mean most alumina there. The top right glaze would then be most fluid and probably passing most of the bubbles, a little less silica too. The ones below the arc are not even getting their bubbles to the surface. If the alumina goes the other way then that ruins my theory. I have lost many a post so always ctrl+c it all before posting just in case it dies on me.
  11. A dash of lithium feldspar goes a long way.
  12. I had a relay fail on a kiln, half the elements fused on for an extra 12 hours. Clear glaze came out looking fine. I think you could find a clear that holds up to crystal firing times. Not that I have ever tried a crystal glaze/firing. Layering a clear over doesn't sound possible but masking could work.
  13. Could be an important day in the UK

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Stay safe over there.

    2. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      In the last 40 years under 2% of deaths from terrorism have been in western europe. Very safe over here.

    3. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Yea I know it is, just dont like seeing all the people getting hurt in the news recently. Hate is so awful.

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