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  1. I don't remember it taking that long, probably no more than 10-20min. It did seem like a good idea to have a collection at the end but then again why take them out from the flow of the thread.
  2. Looks like you volunteered there Chilly and feel free to modify the format as you like. I always felt the results thread was putting some people off and 50/50 on if it was needed anyway.
  3. There's a job at Denby for a trainee lab tech developing glazes. Gimme please :D Also one as a craft potter but not sure I am good enough for that. Might send in a cv anyway.

  4. I really enjoyed doing the challenges but I have stopped running any. I felt they had run their course as participation was dwindling and my ideas were not bringing people in. I had fun trying it out and thank you to everybody who joined in but don't feel bad if you didn't. Anybody is more than welcome to take up the community challenge torch and continue.
  5. Anybody ever had their instagram account follow a load of random people? Mine has about 300 new follows that were not me, I don't think I have used anything dubious with instagram, no third party apps.

    1. Roberta12


      We are VERY glad you have sashayed into this forum!


    2. Roberta12


      Joel, I was talking to a friend this morning and she suggested "reporting" the hacking of your account. Apparently IG can "clean up" your account.

    3. Celia UK

      Celia UK

      I don't have an Instagram account but received an email from them last week, so something might be going on here in the uk. Never had anything to do with it before this.

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  6. Drop wedged 120-150kg of clay today. Going to be feeling it tomorrow.

  7. Just happy to be back at it I couldn't hold in the metaphors
  8. For 6 months my brain has been empty but somebody just poured glaze into my ears .
  9. Just realised it is the 1st! New community challenge on its way.

    1. GiselleNo5


      Oh man I missed the last one!

    2. MatthewV


      It wasn't well seasoned

  10. Current challenge is a little empty, obviously missed the mark with that idea. New one will be starting in December, I always add the link to the newest thread in my signature.
  11. I hate winter, it's dark by 16:30...

    1. Benzine


      I'm still trying to get things done outside. By the time I get home from work, the light is already dwindling.

    2. Chilly
    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Now its 5pm and its dark

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  12. Any tips applying for ceramic teaching jobs?

    1. Pres


      Used to say. . .move the clay, don't let it move you!

    2. Min
    3. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      Thank you :D Sent off the application today so hopefully they will give me an interview.

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  13. Trying to remember how my kiln program works. Ran a little test up to 150c and all seems to be working, just need something to put on my wooden floor now for a proper test.

    1. GiselleNo5


      Are you back in clay?! :)

    2. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      Slowly :D although the kiln is in my bedroom with no ventilation... A little problem.

    3. GiselleNo5


      Ha. No problem. Who needs sleep? ;)

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