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  1. Starting to miss my studio :( Been a few months since I have touched clay.

    1. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      I had to move out the studio due to lack of money so working in admin full time till I have a good chunk of money behind me. Always learning :D Min if it was simple as a hop I would be there!


    2. Min


      help out at a school or community center just to keep your hand in?

    3. GiselleNo5
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  2. Ok I will shut up about the stamp . Did you mix up a fresh batch for the two tests? It is certainly something strange. I have started getting into acid, alkaline and amphoteric thinking for glazes. Probably because I made it through chapter A of the potters dictionary Acids seems to be the glass formers, alkaline the flux and amphoteric a bit of both depending what else is there. The lack of silica I think is making something swap how it would normally act in the melt. Can't say I fully understand where I am going with this and the glaze just seems to have a lot of alkaline stuff in.
  3. There is quite a bit of zinc and this could be where the colour is disappearing to along with the calcium. I have been thinking about the chemistry of it all and got lost along the way It is a good idea to add the oxides/stains if it is going to be that colour as it does impart something to the melt and the chemistry will change the colour. Curt I am with you about limit formula not adding up with experiments. I am starting to think there is a lot more weight towards what raw ingredients you use than I thought. I would also like to say thank you for bringing the topic up even if there n
  4. Two hours at work with nothing to do. Good thing I brought the potters dictionary to read :D

    1. High Bridge Pottery
    2. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      I actually got the first edition for about $10 second hand.

    3. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Cool. Looks good. I might get it in the future. I will check my local libraries.

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  5. I really need to work on my kiln and get it running. Got plenty of bisque tiles that need some tests run but I lost my measuring cylinder in the move and also my accurate scales... I should stop complaining and just do it. Had the full weekend off and did nothing about it. silly me.
  6. Still not sure I can work out why they say rest the glaze. Maybe with a full bucket if it is super bubbly or if the physical properties do change after sitting for a day. Talking to yourself is always the best, I do it while throwing too. It might be worth doing silicon carbide as an additive first to see if Si/Al ratios change anything with a set amount of carbide. Hard to know if there is any specific(ish) glaze chemistry you want in the base or how much carbide you need so you will still need a test with varying amounts. Getting into some exciting stuff
  7. Why do you have to wait an hour for them to sit? You can do a tile in under an hour start to finish once you get into it. Hopefully you will find that smoother surface I don't see the problem with not testing on vertical tiles but that's just me.
  8. DOH, at least you spotted it so D is now bottom right? Excited to see your tile.
  9. Mine was from amazon, 500ml measuring cylinder and it was under 3 pounds.
  10. Why is it so hard to upload a video to etsy. Tried a bazilllion times...

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      I see your video. Seaside Mug

    2. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      Just managed to get it up using 4g, something to do with my slow home internet not working.

  11. So there is no weighing out 0.3g of oxide 35 times?
  12. I have plenty of IFB so they get sawed up into lego sized props. Sometimes they do end up in the glaze but works 90% of the time and you can snap most of the brick back off to use again. You can see the leftovers in this tile, although I used it for 5 line blends instead. Not sure about adding colourants to 35 glaze cups, sounds tedious and missing the point of volumetric blending. If I remember you can multiply ml by 0.8 to get an estimate of dry weight at 1.5sg. To get 1% you need 0.384g so is far too small. Saying that I have mixed up a batch of glaze and then taken about 50ml off
  13. Looks like it will work to me I have never been able to use a rolling pin with clay successfully, either they are fat and wobbly or I rip it in half going too thin and sticking. Much easier to slice from two rail guides either side. One pull and you have the slab. I have never wrapped the slabs up either, left on plaster or wood to dry in the open. My clay is very forgiving though
  14. Yes that's right, I can't deal with the 35 plastic cups sitting around waiting for me to knock over/crack the cheap cups. I have also never found myself doing more than two of the same tile so the extra seems like a waste. When running a test I have the 4 jugs (sharpie labels so you don't swap them by mistake) with spoons in for re-suspending, one plastic cup with teaspoon, the bisque test tile and syringe. That's it besides the bucket to dump leftover glaze. I will syringe up the ml of each glaze needed into the cup, give a two second stir and spoon out into tile, dump the leftovers then
  15. I think I remember the problem with rolling my slabs now, stretching the clay always seemed to make it weak/tear. Stamping into a slab on a bit of wood made a better structure. The bottom of my rolled slabs were always bumpy too, it was probably a bad mould which made things worse. I was having a look back through my notes and this was the only curry grid I could find, still the most recent edition. It looks like I was using 100ml total and if I remember that just covered the stick blender in a standard plastic jug. I obviously forgot my whole process to the 5by5 grid and I have taken out
  16. How do you use the master mould, roll a slab over it? I tried making one but it didn't work as intended and I went to cutting 5mm slabs from the bagged clay and stamping in the squares, cut to shape. Used to be about 10mm but I found I can get away with 5mm and stack 3 high without too much bending. I disagree about his weights and measures, they can easily be halved. Hard to do more than that because then you need to take under 1ml of glaze for some squares. Per square I only use 1tsp (5ml~) glaze so having 43ml left over is a little too much for me. I would go lower than 24ml if I had a
  17. Looking forward to seeing some of your tests. The best way I have found is to make a square of plaster and stamp it into a clay slab to make the tile. Not sure if there is a better way in the book, I should really buy it too.
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