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Drawing fine lines in black

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Another approach to consider is incising the lines, filling them with underglaze, then wiping away the excess. The drawing is different because you’re drawing into the clay instead of on it, but this technique can produce very fine, crisp lines. Lorna Meaden’s work comes to mind. The technique has its own learning curve, you’ll find yourself now looking for the perfect incising tool, haha! 

Underglaze applied using fine tipped applicators, like @Roberta12 mentions, are the best thing I’ve seen for no frills unencumbered drawing of fine lines. Underglazes are generally predictable and won’t run or bleed. The tools clog easily, so you need a straight pin or fine wire for a stopper when not in use. 

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1. Apply underglaze colors.

2. Cover with wax.

3. Draw the fine lines with a needle tool.

4. Let the burrs dry for a while, then brush them off with a stiff brush. If you don't let them dry they'll just smoosh back into the lines.

5. Cover with underglaze (I used black on this piece), making sure it gets into the lines.

6. Let it sit until the underglaze is dry on the surface. This helps to make sure the underglaze is set up in the lines so it's less likely to wipe out.

7. Wipe off all excess underglaze with a fine grained, stiff sponge. A soft, open grained sponge can pull the underglaze out of the lines.


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