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Haptic Ceramics

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Hi everyone! 

I am in the second year of my degree and looking at haptic/tactile ceramics and their importance of this. I'm currently writing an essay on this topic and looking for any information I can get on Kyra Cane and her tactile ceramics, 


if anyone has any useful links they can share I would be extremely grateful!!! 


thanks guys!  

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thank you, Lee!

i never knew my tactile skill had a name.   i remember that my sister and i used to play a game at bedtime when we could not sleep in the heat.   taking turns,  she would first write a letter on my back and i would say the word after she finished.   i used to play on the floor with a bunch of marbles and close my eyes and guess how far they would roll.   lots of other things taught me where i was in relation to the furniture, the fence, the stairway, etc.   i can walk through the house without lights and not hit anything. hitting the trash can with paper wads and other silly games told me lots more about the science of movement in space.   i am amazed at the number of people who cannot move correctly when i say "it is behind you". 

does that fit the definition of "haptic"?

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As we have been drawn to working with our hands and clay i'd say our haptic sense is heightened. Certain pots will attract us, cupboard full of similar mugs, we'll find a favourite and seek it out.

Potting with eyes closed when centering and  pulling up clay can make our haptic sense reveal itself also.

It is cruel to go to an exhibition and be forbidden to pick up and touch the pots.


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Our local art museum would have a exhibit for children with impaired sight,   they could pick up and touch the art work.   I  thought it would be great if they had  a permanent exhibit for all children to enjoy touching the art work.   I would be happy to donate pots to it.     I love to observe  and touch  pottery,  it gives me a feeling of being grounded to the earth.    Denice

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