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Week 39

  1. Kneading ________________________________to make throwing easier. When you knead, you homogenize the clay by mixing the soft and hard and wet and dry sections togetrher. Most importantly , kneading de-airs the clay.

    1. disperses the clay particles

    2. aligns the clay particles

    3. packs the clay

    4. moistens the clay

  2. When using liquid wax with a brush, __________________________ before dipping the brush in wax. After applying the emulsion, the brush will come completely clean when you wash it with warm water.

    1. apply turpentine to the brush

    2. apply water to the brush

    3. dry the brush thoroughly

    4. apply a dab of dish detergent

  3. To _________________ coiled handles, cut two squares of old car mat, doormat, or any kind of rubber mat with a textured surface. Roll the clay coil between the two to texture the clay. Experiment.

    1. add visual interest to

    2. further thin

    3. dry evenly

    4. taper the edges of

  4. To make a pouring spout that does not drip, use a fingertip to wipe a small amount of wet claze beneath the lip of the spout before the glaze has a chance to dry. Liquid will easily flow out and over a glassy, glaze fired surface on the spout. But if there is __________________ under the lip, the liquid will hit this rough patch and reverse its direction flowing back into the pitcher.

    1. shiny glaze

    2. matt glaze

    3. thicker glaze

    4. bare clay



his weeks questions come from Wheel-thrown Pottery, Bill Van Gilder & Cara Biasucci, c 2006.Watson Lark Books, A Division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. 387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY.


Note from Pres: I have found this book to be very useful, especially at a time when my glazes were pretty poor and my work needed a complete redo. There are a ton of useful tips, and good ideas on functional ware. I can see why the author is doing a booming demonstration business, and selling cheap interesting tools.


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