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  1. This production before surgery is kicking my butt-unloaded two galze fires today-reloaded the big kiln and got it going for 3rd glaze fire.I'm starting to feel tired.

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    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      The other 3 options are 

      Tightrope (Yao technique)


      Carponetaccarpal joint hematoma distraction arthroplasty (temp-wire)-I think you had two of these?

      I found out all the details on all 4 choices and went with what I feel is best.My Yale surgeon and the other 3 agree on that-which is rare

    3. rox54


      Sorry if I get too personal. Feel free to tell me to back off! But I've had a few surgeries myself (some hand) and I have a medical background, so I'm curious what you suffer from? How long will you be unable to work? 

    4. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      My left hand thumb is on fire with pain (lower bone in thumb joints) and the lower small bone the Trapizuim is bone on bone for 3 years now. My grip is getting less the pain is getting worse. I have had 3 steriod shots and they are working less(the 1st lasted 1 year the 2nd three months the 3rd two weeks.This trapizuim will be removed and a part of the ligamnet with be attched to mu index finger (look this up underAPL suspensionplasty with Biotenoddesis screw. with goggle) the rehab is 4-5 months. I had a right hand PRC done 8 years ago as well-look that one up as it took 5 months to recover as 3 bones are removed. A PRC  involves excising the scaphoid, lunate and triquetrum bones.Ask me anything you like as it not personal its helpfull to others with same issues.Its actually why I joined this forum 8 years ago to find if another potter has a PRC and could still make pots.I have been throwing large amount of clay for over 40 years and its taken a tool on my hands-the PRC was from some former injury in life as a youg person that I do not recall. This APL suspensionplasty with Biotenoddesis screw is 70% more likey in women than men who get this bone on bone in thumb issue (my wife also has it and will get hers done after I recover. I do alot of research on anything that involes my hands as they are my life. I happened to have the best  specialist at the time do my PRC in SF and she now teaches at Yale. She refered me to the top ones in SF area and I got two opions and hers before moving forward.If covid was not happening I would fly back to Yale in a heartbeat and have her do it. We are friends (both divers ) and I will visit her when this mess  is long gone if I go east. Where are you located rox54

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