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  1. This production before surgery is kicking my butt-unloaded two galze fires today-reloaded the big kiln and got it going for 3rd glaze fire.I'm starting to feel tired.

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    2. rox54


      Thank you for the reply as I have concern for noticeable arthritis in my hands. I've only been a part-time potter for 8 years, but also a hairstylist and have a family history of arthritis. Both of my thumb joints ache as well as my wrist; fortunately not all at the same time! I don't feel I'm at the point for surgery but it's good to know you'll be able to find relief. I've had carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgery and those were a walk in the park as far as rehab. My other surgeries were longer recoveries and self-induced; a titanium plate and pins from playing roller derby and knee surgery from Ultimate Frisbee. I was back to work in 3 months and on the frisbee field in 5. I live in PA and found a good hand surgeon at Hershey Medical Center, tho I'd travel further for someone like your doctor. You seem like a committed potter, so how do you  plan to spend your rehab, for the sake of sanity?!

    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I spend every day rehabbing as I cannot make pots or go diving or fishing so its all in on rehab. I did done mention my arthritis as at my age and potting we all have it. E=when They cut you open they scrap it out and its gone for some years in that area. same will be true this time. Carpel tunnel and trigger finger are very fast recovery surgeries. The woman at Yale to see if you think you need hand work is Lisa Lattanza-head of hand surgery dept. I would see her as she is close to you-See will elevauate and only do surgery if you need it .She will not do it if unnecessary-she is commited to finding the issue and getting to whats needed and whats not. Do not expect bedside manner talk just the real deal with your issue. 8 years of pottery should not be to much the holding scissors up can do things.

    4. rox54


      My hand doc didnt have bedside manner either but that doesn't concern me. Best wishes to you!

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