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  1. Annual clay order comes in next week. 33,000 #s total -my share is 25,000#s.I odered a ton of dry glaze in 50# bags my formula-lasts me 5 years-I mix another 14 glazes to go along with it.

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    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Thats 48 boxes per pallet always from Laguna when ordered in bulk(over a ton )-all 10 tons is special order soft.12 boxes per layer 4 layers high per pallet.One pallet will be a mix of clays.

      I have them trucked to a nearby lumber yard as its about 12 hour drive to LA one way-11 pallets are mine on the 15 pallets coming on my order.$ pallets for two other potters.

      I will have them power loaded (forklift) at lumber yard 2 per trip in my pickup.I have to then handunload into my clay shed(I have a hired helper for part of this job,The 10 tons of clay fits into my shed and the 1 ton of glaze fits in two loctions where I store glazee materials-all of it come off the pallets and get hand move once. The clay is backed up to shed and taken off truck with about 6 feet of max movement-stacked 9 boxes high.

      about 500#s gets mixed into my peter pugger for an 84 year old potter friend who I mix and deliver her clay to her as a friend. She can only handle 25# bags

    3. Benzine


      You've got quite the system.  It's almost like you've been doing this for years...


      It's great that you pug that clay for your friend.  It reminds me of watching videos of Warren Mackenzie.  He was still chugging along in his 80s, but used a pug mill to work the clay for him.

    4. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Loaded 6 tons  yearterday  with help now I'm off to a show will pick up the rest next week.

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