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  1. Annual clay order comes in next week. 33,000 #s total -my share is 25,000#s.I odered a ton of dry glaze in 50# bags my formula-lasts me 5 years-I mix another 14 glazes to go along with it.

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    2. DirtRoads


      R&L Trucking brings my clay.   All of their trucks have a lift gate.   I have a little landing pad and an asphalt drive to the front of my studio.   My part time worker brings them in ... about 15 steps to inside storage.    I am thinking about a little pole shed there to store.  Right now we bring inside.   Could you have yours dropped at the shed? And I get my shipment 2k pounds a month.   Is there an economic incentive to order more?   I couldn't load that clay.   We take it out in 25 pound bags.  And that is so nice of you to help that friend.   You mix her clay from dry clay?


    3. Benzine


      @DirtRoads the supplier I use charges less, the more you order.  So for a single box, it costs more, for that box, that it does, if I order ten of those same boxes.  I think once you get to the quarter ton mark, the rate is by 100 lbs.  A good deal, but it confuses me when I order, which is why I ended up with double, what I wanted, in my classroom this year...

    4. DirtRoads


      Hmmm have to check this out.   Thx.


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