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  1. hi there, looks to me like reduction, could that be possible T
  2. Have a look at www.sio-2.com. that should be available in all of the EU. T
  3. Just looked at youtube this is what I am talking about.. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=COxDZnS20rY&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DCOxDZnS20rY
  4. What! NO to the grampa mug.... but it's all I have ever wanted and make sure you use that exact eggshell blue glaze (you know the one...like my car but just a bit lighter and not so shiny) or I will argue. haha T
  5. I haven't been in my studio for a month now keep up the good vibes, I just love having those kind of days and can appreciate them even more at the moment.... T
  6. looks like its all paying off...great stuff T
  7. My advice to you is : Just get started make lots of things experiment and go for it. That is the only way to learn. Get some books maybe follow a project or two that they are showing and then transfer that knowledge to your own work. T
  8. I have done the "let me just brush off that glaze bubble from the kiln shelf with my thumb" at least ummmm an embarassing amount of times. T
  9. well that is all looking great, next you are going to have built yourself a huge kiln for the really big pieces. T
  10. trina

    Translucent plates

    ahhhh these look yummy! I love your work! T
  11. Yippe that looks great! I just came online to have a whine about why we haven't seen some pics yet and lo and behold.... The warp is a bit of a drag, I personally don't think that you can re-fire it out... For a piece like that I would have fired it flat on some clay coils so that any movement happens on a flat surface. That may or may not have prevented the warp though. You can have greenware that looks totally flat but good old clay memory shows in the firing. Good work, what are your plans for the lion? T
  12. To me that is exactly what an artist is. Â A creative person using many mediums to express something. Â Using their creAtive voice as a writer prehaps would to express an idea or opinion. The ability of the artist to use the medium (whatever medium ) aids in the conveyance of the idea, making the work more pleasing or powerful to the viewer. A crafts person might well have the ablility to produce his work in a flawless manner but in my opinion it doesn't mean much in a metaphysical way. It serves it purpose but has little intellectual meaning. Â It can however have the sole purpose to be beautiful for beauties sake alone In my experience true artists are only forced to define themselves for the people around them, generally they personally don't need that kind of definition. I can't imagine Picasso saying something like " Yes well I am a painter, but I like to do pottery as well" ooh geeeezzzz martha close the barn doors we got an artist on our hands here! T Sorry about typos...ipad
  13. sounds good to me...can't wait to see the finished product. GOOD LUCK to you and i will try to point the kiln gods in your direction (not that i have any influence there whatsoever!) fingers crossed T
  14. Don't do that, you need to see Headhunters by Jo Nesbo. I totally have a feeling you would love IT. T
  15. Hi Just cruising around in the web and found this site. Thought it was interesting http://www.veniceclayartists.com T
  16. Well that is wonderful news....let us know when you decided to tune your piano and your tux comes back from the cleaners. It is important to me T I wish I had either so I could sell it. Jim That is why I love your posts hahaha T
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