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  1. I bought a stack of hand sized towels and a few bath sized from the overstock store in a light mud color! they don't show stains from the red clay and they look better.
  2. I have the Thomas Stuart with the big splash pan and it sits me 2.5"farther from the center of the wheel that the more standard 2 piece pans do . I am struggling with arm shoulder issues when throwing smaller pieces like mugs at the center of the wheel .
  3. I am so glad to hear that someone else despises those tiny nozzled squeeze bottles. I simply can not get them to work for anything. going looking for a ruling pen. I love how reading through various questions on this forum sets me off on the next journey!
  4. How do you store the long thin bisque coils when they are not in use to keep them from getting broken? I would think they are really easily broken.
  5. I tried it every way I could think of and never got anything but dry black. Good Luck, let us know if something works.
  6. For being able to put the freshly dipped hot piece down quickly, I put a small fan under the edge of my dipping table and position to blow straight up so that as I move the pot away from the heat and toward the plastic bat it is heading for, it passes over the stream of cool air from the little clip on fan, works wonders!
  7. I can't grasp the idea of brushing on hot wax ??? The hot waxing I do sets up the instant I lift the pot out of the electric skillet. I tried brush filling a bare spot left inside a foot ring, and the wax hardened on the brush before I could get it to the pot. What don't I know here?
  8. Chantay, where are you ordering the soy wax? I have been using Gulf canning wax, but it gets pretty thick unless it is really hot.
  9. hot wax whenever the form fits in the large rectangular elec skillet, much quicker, very clean line, a bit of a learning curve, but worth it if you glaze a lot of pots.
  10. Thank you! now I can get busy mixing this glaze.
  11. My materials supplier says use minspar 200, that it is the same thing ??? Thanks, guys! Recipe is as follows. Sea foam Green Soda feldspar 41 EPK 5 Silica 27 Whiting 15 Zinc Oxide 12 Add; titanium 5 copper carb 5
  12. I need to make anew bucket of a glaze I have used with good results that used soda feldspar . Since I have 0 experience in reformulating glazes, which feldspar do you recommend I start testing with that will make the fewest changes?
  13. Does adding Darvan make it flow out of a bulb trailer more evenly? I am darvan deficient.. Is there a down side to having it in your slip? Nelly , when you mix your large batch of slip and divide it, how do you determine how much colorant to use. Do you use a % of WET weight?
  14. I got a sort of metallic black, nothing near gold, at ^5 hot. disappointing.
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