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    North of Seattle, WA.
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    Potting, painting.

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  1. is a studio potter living in Mount Vernon, WA., just north of Seattle.

  2. Your writing is very informative and so professional. I greatly enjoy your ceramic art as well.

  3. trying to get a better look at the pot on your avatar. Looks interesting.


  4. Dinah

    ^6 Reds

    Really nice reds at a slow down fire schedule. Advice all over the sites like a cheap suit.
  5. ^5 Goldstone Body, Dinah's Adjusted Ash outside, RIO rich glaze inside, look at Bailey/Van gilder. Steven Hill turquoise on rim, 12" diameter, 6" high.
  6. Whoa! Thanks!

  7. You are completely out of order, Matie. Wrong venue.

  8. love your work!

  9. Dinah


    5183 is a keeper! Those runs are perfect! Well done!
  10. Dinah

    Thanks for having a look at the new work. Intriguing image on your profile page.

  11. Hi, always willing to chat about best ways to photograph one's work.

  12. Nice to meet you today.

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