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    a distant moon of Uranus
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    I make sculptures of the human body (mostly).

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  1. Frederik-W


    Beautiful, elegant !
  2. Frederik-W


    I love the way the colours flow into each other.
  3. I like the form of the teapot as well as the skyline. Very well done!
  4. Frederik-W


    Beautifully crafted, the serene expression of the one angel in the background is especially good. Makes me think of angels at a nativity scene.
  5. I like the way it accentuates the texture. Would be great for sculptural work.
  6. I like the pose very much! Looks like an excited little duck!
  7. Beautiful natural shades of colour with nice transitions from one to another
  8. Absolutely stunning ! Congratulations. Reminds me of Modigliani - he was also influenced by african masks.
  9. Frederik-W


    You made one which to me is similar (Guinomi), and I like that one a lot (the colour and the texture), but this one just does not work as well for me - i.e. the yellowish colour and the concrete-gray. Please do not let my comment put you off though, I encourage you to continue in this line.
  10. Beautiful form, well executed.
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