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    I make sculptures of the human body (mostly).

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  1. Frederik-W


    Beautiful, elegant !
  2. Frederik-W


    I love the way the colours flow into each other.
  3. I like the form of the teapot as well as the skyline. Very well done!
  4. Frederik-W


    Beautifully crafted, the serene expression of the one angel in the background is especially good. Makes me think of angels at a nativity scene.
  5. I like the way it accentuates the texture. Would be great for sculptural work.
  6. I like the pose very much! Looks like an excited little duck!
  7. Beautiful natural shades of colour with nice transitions from one to another
  8. If the clay has sandy particles in it, called "grog", then it has a chance, e.g. "rough" Raku clay which can withstand thermal shock. Otherwise it is not a good idea, unless you very, very slowly ramp up the temperature. If steam builds up in the middle of such thick clay and it cannot escape then it will explode. If you are making sculptures it helps if you poke thick parts full of holes with a skewer, and then cover the holes on the outer side, but you can only do that when the clay is wet anyway.
  9. Absolutely stunning ! Congratulations. Reminds me of Modigliani - he was also influenced by african masks.
  10. Frederik-W


    You made one which to me is similar (Guinomi), and I like that one a lot (the colour and the texture), but this one just does not work as well for me - i.e. the yellowish colour and the concrete-gray. Please do not let my comment put you off though, I encourage you to continue in this line.
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