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  1. just wanted to say i really enjoyed looking in your gallery and reading your comments. Trina

  2. I am not sure where my information on this image went! Anyway, the "raku ball" is really a discarded plastic ball that that has shriveled, baked, and been transformed through exposure to the minerals at Berakas Beach to resemble a raku sphere.
  3. Rich in more than just oil,the tiny country of Brunei Darussalam hosts large tracts of pristine rain forests and is bounded on one side by beaches that give way in places to wind and water carved clay formations. These mineral stained formations with their sparse patches of pitcher-plants and other tenacious foliage are the subject of this album. I am exploring the clay landscape through photography because of its enthralling beauty. Furthermore, I am also painting landscapes from my photographs.
  4. Your writing is very informative and so professional. I greatly enjoy your ceramic art as well.

  5. HI MARTIE!!!! I am in France at the moment. How are you?


  6. enthusiastic ceramist, author and art educator

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