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    I was born in PG and went to school there !

  2. trina


    thanks, I made it to order for someone whose dog had died and they wanted to have a memory. Trina
  3. trina


    waiting to be fired
  4. Keep meaning to reply to this post for ages, thank you for sharing your spoon rest ideas with us.... great post! T
  5. trina


    you just do the best figures! love them T
  6. Hi there, I looks to me like these were fired on a tree type stand that has right angle prongs coming out of it, so that only a small point on the inside of the bangle is affected. T
  7. youtube me : making of a mural by Trina Doerr

  8. Havent see you you posting here in a while, hows the wheel coming along?

  9. wow i wish my test were that beautiful! T
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