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  1. Have used them, my main problem was even coverage when applying with a brush. T
  2. i bet Jim was born smoking, he is just that cool mama T
  3. I know the exact spot for placement....it's a bit complicated but I could draw you a map.... in my studio!
  4. I haven't posted for a while been busy recharging my batteries and taking a break, lots of things going on in my personal life so have had some time for introspection. I love looking at the works of different artists in other mediums besides clay. I have great contact with painters and other sculptors, but at the end of the day the thing that inspires me the most is the thing in me that wants out. It is that feeling that you get when you are working on something and it just starts working and speaking to you or through you. The interaction with the muse in the room so to speak. It is a magic
  5. It has been proven so please stop saying it can't be done, Sea monkeys CAN live in the washup barrel! T
  6. ha! it's the WARNING POINTS under the profile pic that are getting me thinking .... what is that about? I was hoping that with all these new and wonderful changes that would be one thing this forum could do without.... maybe I am wrong, maybe it's the software, I find it yick. T
  7. I hammer the majority, but the ones i can't part with get the garden. I never ever ever sell seconds.... EVER. T
  8. If you like rocks, have a look at what my friend michelle is doing with them...I just love her work. http://www.michellevulama.com/ T
  9. I had a look at his site. Interesting.... I believe that nonfunctional pottery really has no place except if its part of a commercial art, i.e. design situation where the non-functional pottery is used by the designer because it best communicates the strategic message of the client or its soley a Fine Art statement. However a Fine Art a statement is far below funcitonal and its usually just another piece of junk we do not need in out society. yip, I agree there is lots of junk we do not need in our society. It still makes me sad T
  10. I hope you can see this video, its not an old wheel but a very primative and effective form of throwing large pots. I love doing murals and this type of image would appeal to me as I like the sharing aspect of the two men. T
  11. If I am attaching handles or parts where the only attachment to my main surface is a small area, I will always scratch and slip. The clay in this case is typically leather hard. However if I am making a coil pot for example and my clay is wetter so, I just blend the coils together. Same with slab forms. T
  12. Never heard of cottle boards before, just have a wood box. If you plan to make more than one mold, you should google cottle boards. Then google "do a barrel roll". Jim thank you Jim I couldn't think of the word for cottle boards....brain spazm..T
  13. Is your box an actual box? or a frame? You are still good with the bag either way just curious. T
  14. Thanks, that would work but would take more time than just putting a black plastic garbage bag inside the box. Just wondering if anyone has tried that successfully. Yes you should have no problem using the bag. I have done it. It does make for a less professional looking mold though as it is hard to keep all the wrinkles out of the bag. T
  15. I cannot even understand the concept of “non functional pottery That makes me feel really sad for you. T
  16. I agree with you completely! Nice post! In the German Language we have a similar saying but I think better: Those who can do nothing become a hotdog sales man, those who can do even less become a hot dog salesman at the train station and those who can do even less than that sell insurance. T
  17. My plan remake the tiles that went wrong and do so with a smile and not too much swearing.... One week Germany Three weeks Canada paint all the canvasses I bought today. ( have the urge for some instant gratification) T
  18. Thanks Mark, they were only about two inches lower than the other ones. I have a feeling that the slip was a bit too wet and that somehow affected things, You know when you try to think about the process and if anything changed, well I vaguely remember like a slight cobalt scum floating on the surface of the pale. Oh well, just one of those things. Thanks for your comment anyway. T
  19. I was afraid that would happen. You probably have a better chance of making the darker ones lighter than the other way around. Good luck with the new tiles. Jim I was trying to fire higher to turn the darker ones lighter..... did i mention that I am ceramically challenged so i will need luck!!! I have never ever had this happen with my colbalt slip not EVER! :)/> ps I almost wanted to positive rate you on that comment, to see what it takes to get out of a neutral rating.... anyway thanks again T I just looked at your profile, someone must have the hots for you....G
  20. Hey that is great news! Congrats you will be great! Actually you are already preety darn good T
  21. So. That made no difference what so ever. I cut some new tiles this morning and will re do them this week. oh well serious eye rolling going on! T
  22. I just got offered a kick wheel this afternoon and am debating whether or not I have room for it.....T
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