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  1. loved you're about you.... need to update mine. welcome to this forum i have found it a great place for advice help and generally pottery chit chat. good luck with your wheel, take care of your wrists you only have the two! Trina

  2. I just saw this thread! Wow sounds like quite the ordeal. I wish you all the best with your recovery. T
  3. trina

    Mail Box

    love this and great photo as well. Trina
  4. trina

    Deep Ocean

    This is my favorite on too! Which is amazing because I normally dislike blue glaze, but the form just really suits it. COngrats! Trina
  5. love the form, cant say i like the glaze though, that is just me, blue is one color that to me can look a bit hard. Have you considered to model this kind figure on a hangman style string. If you have not seen them you set up a piece of wood i use a right angle with a foot and clamp it to the work table. Then use a string as the plum line that goes through your figure. This keeps the legs totally straight and makes putting in a base super easy. Thanks for sharing your work, Trina
  6. love the crawl, is it a glaze or ..... would look great on a polar bear. trina
  7. I liked your post about working in the studio, didn't know that it would freak out so many and get so off topic ;)

  8. Hi there, i just read your intro, look forward to hearing about you and your art. I was just looking at your profile and now we are friends....not sure how it happened but nice to meet. you.

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