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  1. I always open a kiln way before it is legal. I start with the peep bricks and remove blankets definitely. Then I begin a fan on the closed kiln for about an hour. Turn the fan off and crack the lid a little bit holding it open with a piece of broken shelf. The kiln is usually an orange to darker color. In fact if you take a flashlight and peek in the colors will not have settled yet. Then I go away for about an hour - return and put the fan on low for a while. Then I lift the lid about 3 inches and prop it and continue in this fashion until I can lift the lid wth gloves on, but still cannot touch the pots. The lid remains open at least another hour and maybe longer and then I remove the top shelf and place onto boards. Usually it is still so hot that the second shelf is impossible and I have to wait a little longer. Most of the tme I have to do this because I need to pack and price and get to a show. Otherwise it is a huge luxury to simply allow it to shut off and leave it in there for the weekend before starting to take it out. I might add that when I load I put small things on the top shelf on purpose so they won't split when I open the lid too early. Platters and so on go at least three layers down.
  2. Favorite color by far for me in the south especially. Green in everything. Could bejust a one color potter, but could never stand one color. About a one quart size and pours reasonably well. I make teapots in all sorts of sizes and shapes - but yellow recently is also sought after. Sells at anywhere from 28 to 68.00.
  3. midnight_potter

    pots by Ruth

    various pots that I have photos of made i n current and past years - mainly functional and high fired cone 10 reduction and electric
  4. Older model stocked booth at Savannah Georgia on the riverfront. Now have a white booth with green curtains - had to bring in the outer display as against the rules at most shows to go outside of 10 feet.
  5. Just a colorful platter for serving. About 13 inches across. Wheel thrown electric fired with spectrum stains in red (burned out, obviously) and priced at about 65 or 75.00.
  6. Loved to make this carafe-pitcher for sangria which was popular. This can be thrown in 2 pieces and generally is better that way. Glaze color in yellow with rutile underglaze. This one was reduction fired cone 10 in gas kiln. Priced from 35-50.00.
  7. Hand thrown in 2 pieces, Carafe to match in reverse shape. Goblets used to be popular, but no longer a better seller. Generally priced about 18.00 each. They stand about 7-8 high.
  8. Handthrown in 2 pieces. Has flower frog (2 inch) electric fired and usually sells at abour 48.00. Make several smaller sizes as well.
  9. Regular bakers for oven and microwave. Also done with handles. Thrown and altered at the corners. Generally priced aout 38 and 48.00. Electric fired handthrown stoneware cone 10.
  10. Hand thrown about 11 inches across. Thrown handle. High fired electric. Rutile underglaze. Priced at about 38.00. I usually include recipes.
  11. Hello Trina.I haven't figured out this site yet-that's why you didn't hear from me. Nice to meet you

  12. Hi there, i just read your intro, look forward to hearing about you and your art. I was just looking at your profile and now we are friends....not sure how it happened but nice to meet. you.

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